As you step outside, you smell the odor from your septic system. It could be that the tank needs pumped out, but it could also mean that there are major issues that need to be addressed. If you notice any one of the many signs that indicate an issue with the septic system, then you need to call a professional company for help.

4 Signs Your Home Needs Major Septic Services

Green Grass Grows

While grass is supposed to grow in the yard, if you notice grass that is darker than other areas in the yard or that is growing faster, then you might have a septic leak. The waste from the full tank will fertilize the yard, making the grass grow faster. You could also notice water standing in one area of the yard, which can also make the grass grow faster.

Slow Draining

If it seems like it takes forever for the sink to drain after washing dishes or that the water doesn’t go down all the way after something simple as brushing the teeth or washing your hands, then your lines are probably clogged somewhere. A company like Rob’s Septic Tanks Inc. can come to the home to look at the lines and the tank itself to see where a clog might be located. The company can also pump out the tank so that there is space for waste to collect.

The Smell of Sewage

A noticeable smell that is more like walking through a sewer than a backyard is a sign that the waste has reached the top of the tank. You could also smell the sewage inside the home, especially after taking a shower or flushing the toilet. This issue could be something simple, like a drain that has been soaked from rain and is drying out, but it could also be something major, like a leak from one of the lines. If there is a leak, you need to get it repaired as soon as possible because some cities will fine you for having raw sewage outside.

Toilet Troubles

A common sign of a septic issue is when the toilet doesn’t flush properly. The toilet might back up with the contents spilling onto the floor, or it could take a few flushes to get everything to go down. After using a plunger and the problem not going away, you’ll want to contact a professional to get the lines unclogged and to pump the tank so that there’s room for the toilet waste to exit the lines in the home.

The septic tank is a necessity if you’re going to have a home. However, if there are issues that arise, then it can be a smelly situation. If you notice any signs outside or inside the home, avoid the mess that can ensue by calling a professional company to examine the lines and fix the issue.