Often times, when companies dot heir annual budget, the first place they will cut is in human resources. However, human resources and employees have, are, and will always be the most important part of a company. Not only do they provide the manual labour but everyone has a different degree of intellectual property. Usually, the more experience and higher degree of intellectual property, the more valuable the employee. For this reason, Jack Rochel encourages management in small, medium, and large companies to invest in training their employees and providing supplemental training because it enhances the value of that employee. If management want to take it one step further, Jack suggests employees get the opportunity to do multiple jobs within a company of received varied tasks to expand their knowledge, experience, and capabilities.

Employee training is essential for a company’s success. Training is crucial for the following reasons: it educates the workers about the effective use of technologies the company is using of planing to use; it ensures a competitive edge in the market as employees work and intellectual property become more profitable; it promotes safety and health among and in-between employees and management; it creates opportunities for employees to develop their careers, resumes, personal growth, and the growth of a company as a whole; it helps employers follow regulations and laws; and training improves productivity of the employees resulting in higher profits.

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Thus, Jack Rochel encourages all companies to invest in employee trainings and retreats. They build relationships and skills ultimately maximizing company profits. Since he has implemented trainings at his company, employees are much happier, productive, and innovative resulting in his company’s capture of the majority of the global market share in his industry. Jack intends to continue growing alongside his employees to better their work and his company’s overall results.