ID-10075519With the expansion of cloud computing it’s possible for employees to access data from anyplace and on virtually any device. The increased convenience has opened the door for hackers. Increasing cyber security can help prevent dangerous and costly data breaches if you enact sound practices.

Freely offering admin rights to low level employees or improperly layering your security can open the window for clever, persistent hackers. Considering the amount of information and money at stake it pays to be vigilant in setting up a security process to protect data.

Inquire into Cyberinsurance

Protecting sensitive data such as customer addresses, names and credit card information has given rise to the cyberinsurance industry. Since cyber-relate incidents are generally not covered under liability insurance dig deeper to find the type of coverage which you can purchase for your needs. Connect with your insurance agent to discuss options.

Before you scoff at the notion of buying into cyberinsurance adopt a big picture approach to your business. Opening up your database to hackers through negligence can cause you to lose precious information along with your company’s reputation. Larger organizations often have to invest significant amounts of money into public relations damage control to instill confidence in their business after an already costly data breach.

Layer Security

Since IT activities vary in their level of importance it makes sense to layer your levels of security. Do not commit high level resources to all processes. Using different security classifications when connecting with workers or the general public would vary versus connecting with a professional to discuss highly sensitive data. Remember to apply security to the entire population which accesses your data. Hackers prefer to probe for weak points or any overlooked areas.

Be Stingy with Admin Rights

Poorly managed admin rights pose a big threat to net security. Offer administration rights sparingly to secure your network. Set up appropriate limitations for employees who will not have admin rights. Pay strict attention to workers who will be using their own devices. Outside networks are often unsecured, meaning that employees accessing your database with improperly awarded admin rights can put your entire network at risk. Minimize data loss or corruption by keeping strict control on who has admin rights.

Follow a Process

Technology cannot be the answer to all online cyber security issues. Combine tech, processes and people for a powerful security solution. Resist giving in to the urge to toss technology at any cyber security problems. Before employees use devices in a work setting share an agreed upon, clearly detailed company policy with your business to be fully transparent.

Monitor Only Work-Related Functions

Use a monitoring system to beef up your business security plan but review only work-related functions. Monitoring non-related material can cause employees to distrust your organization. Respect your workforce. Protect any company data which needs to be secured by never snoop into personal lives. Invading employee privacy by being too strict can cancel out the trust you’ve earned. Personal data, applications and contacts are out of bounds for any monitoring.

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