If a simple visit to a dentist in Surrey will make you anxious, then it how much more if you are going to the dentist for a serious oral surgery? If you are planning to have an implant surgery or have already scheduled one and you’re so anxious about it, there’s no need to fret. Implant surgery can be considered as a routine dental procedure. A dental implant, which is among the most common of these implant surgeries can last long and can produce a natural looking appearance. If you still have fears about undergoing implant surgery, here are a few pointers to help calm yourself:

3 Reasons You Shouldn't Be Nervous About Implant Surgery

Implant Surgery

As mentioned above, a dental implant is among the most common implant surgery and is the perfect solution for any tooth or root problems. A titanium post will be placed on your jawbone and a realistic-looking tooth will be mounted over the titanium post. In time, the bones in your jaw will produce new cells that will make the bond between the placed titanium posts much tighter. It’s a great solution to stubborn teeth problems, although some will be scared of the notion of having titanium embedded in your jawbone; however, it’s actually a routine, safe and effective procedure.

Meticulous Planning

Implant surgery entails meticulous planning so your dentist can clearly identify all the details before you go into the dentist’s office for the procedure. Other intricate implant surgery will require X-ray or CT imaging to know the exact placement and to aid dentists in making a surgical guide, which they will follow during the course of the procedure. These surgical guides will help dentists on where to make the incisions that will create the channel to hold implants. Rest assured that experienced dentists who have done a lot of implant surgery procedures can perform them smoothly and know what to do if any unforeseen things happen.

Surgery under Anaesthesia

Great news for individuals who are scared of undergoing implant surgeries due to pain, today, implant surgeries are done under local anaesthesia to make everything smoother and easier. Local anaesthesia will only affect the implant site and neighbouring areas while you are conscious. However, if a patient is anxious about the procedure, the dentist can give an antianxiety or sedative medication before the procedure.

Minimal Discomfort after Surgery

Due to today’s advancements in various implantation techniques and planned surgical guide, implant surgeries are made more comfortable and convenient. The advancements would also mean there is minimal disruption of the tissues and incision areas are stitched using self-absorbing sutures. In other cases, pain relievers, ibuprofen or mild non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug aspirin are given to patients after the procedure to reduce pain and discomfort. The healing time for dental implants is short and the success rate is 95-97%.

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