One of the most exciting fields to study is technology. The most stable employer in the United States is the federal government. Thankfully, you can have the best of both worlds. Below are five great tech degrees you can use to obtain a career in government.

1. Bachelor of Information Systems

This degree gives students the ability to design, install and manage computer networks that serve large organizations. This degree has plenty of applications in different parts of the government. For example, one of the job listings on the FBI’s employment webpage is for information technology specialists. Obtaining a degree in information systems can lead directly to obtaining that type of position.

2. Bachelor of Database Administration

One thing that the government certainly deals with is information. The social security database, for example, is one of the largest on the planet. Other departments that maintain huge databases include the IRS, FBI, CIA, UPS, Medicare and Medicaid. A degree in database administration teaches a student how to both code and manage such large databases.

3. Master of Science in Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering as a field deals directly with systems that produce, transmit and supply electricity. Students have the ability to specialize in particular fields of electrical engineering such as microwave energy and telecommunications. There are many government applications for this kind of degree such as positions with the Department of Defense and NASA. You can even obtain a master’s degree in electrical engineering online.

4. Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace engineering applies the principals of mechanical engineering and the physics of “fluid flow” to allow engineers to design craft that soar through the air and even in space. This could lead to a career designing new fighter jets for the military or even new spacecraft for NASA. According to NASA’s website, aerospace technology is at the center of their employment program.

5. Bachelor of Web Development

The government also runs a plethora of websites for its many different departments and bureaus. The website launched to allow US citizens to apply for “Obamacare,” for example, was the largest implementation of an online application program in history. The government is always looking to hire more talented web developers with bachelor’s degrees that prove their technical expertise.

Overall, a career in government can provide a person’s family with a very stable livelihood until retirement. If you are interested in tech, you should certainly consider applying your technology degree towards a career in civil service.