When the summer starts to heat up, so does wedding season. Summer is beautiful; with blue skies, sun, warm air, and a colorful backdrop. If you are planning a summer wedding, don’t forget these five things for your reception to ensure your guests enjoy themselves.

Planning A Summer Wedding Don't Forget These 5 Things For Your Reception

1. With Summer Comes Bugs

Don’t let your guests go home covered in mosquito bites. Grab small bug spray bottles and have them handy for your guests to use so they can dance the night away. They can even be placed in a decorative container.

Set the ambiance for dancing with candles. Citronella candles that is. Use these candles at the table for centerpieces or outline the dance floor with some decorative tiki torches to keep the bugs at bay. You can find customizable pieces at Life O’ The Party for very reasonable and within your color palette.

2. Make sure there is Plenty of Shade

Considering that most brides pray for sun on their wedding day, make sure there is shade at your reception to help guests stay cool. Having a tent or a combination indoor/outdoor area for your reception will ensure that guests from the youngest to the oldest are cool and comfortable.

It is also a great idea to provide sunscreen to guests. Place these on the tables or in a decorative container at the entry to the reception so guests can apply at their leisure.

3. Choose the Correct Icing for the Cake

Most cake icing holds up well so long as the cake is not in direct sunlight. However, just to be sure, choose an icing such as rolled fondant or marzipan. These options will not melt and your cake will remain beautiful throughout the reception.

4. Plan for a Bit More Casual Feel

Outside summer weddings are the most sought after. Guests are excited to dance outside and have a wonderful time. Requesting formal attire can be tricky during the summer as heels poke into the ground and dancing can be difficult in the grassy areas. Either set your expectations for formality on the casual side, or offer a basket of flip flops where guests can be free to exchange their heels for something more comfortable while dancing.

5. Dress the Bar to Refresh

Beat the summer heat with a refreshing signature drink to coincide with your color plate. Sparkling drinks or fruity drinks add color and flavor with a refreshing, crisp taste to keep your guests going all night.

Keeping in mind these 5 tips for your reception will keep guests happy and dancing the night away. Happy planning!