Cellular phones have become vital to our survival in this fast evolving world, which we cannot envision to go about our daily activities without them. The term ‘smartphone’ is used to describe the modern cellular phones these days. The most fundamental feature is the presence of a high speed internet to make the smartphone produce sharper results. The rate at which technology is whooshing forward, everybody wants to remain at par with it. So far, 4G phones provide the fastest internet service globally. Though, not everybody requires a 4G supported phone. So, how would you decide if 4G is an essential part of your lives or not? Worry not, below you will find a list of reasons that will help you arrive at a conclusion.

  1. Workstation in your pocket

Smartphones have given us the feasibility to discard our PC’s and laptops and has enabled us to work on the go. Especially the size of the displays keeps getting larger and larger with time, you can now make the most out of your smartphones. But smartphones with low speed internet connection pose some hassles, this is where 4G comes handy. A smartphone that is capable of 4G can harness an internet speed of up to 1Gbit/s.

5 Reasons To Buy A 4G-Capable Smartphone

  1. Clearer audio and video calls

With the various applications available for smartphones, making voice-calls over the internet has become very normal. But with a poor internet connection, the quality of the calls are not pleasing at all. In fact we have to wait for several seconds before we can hear the other party’s response. But that will not be the case with 4G. It will give you crisp voice clarity to add spark to your conversations. The same applies for video calls. Calls on Skype with your loved ones or business associates will be crystal clear and not result in a downpour of pixels.

  1. Faster video streaming

We run out of patience and feel frustrated when videoS take ages to upload or buffer. If you want to enjoy a seamless video experience then a 4G connection is a mandate, it plays videos without any buffering time and uploads videos faster than 3G or HSDPA.

5 Reasons To Buy A 4G-Capable Smartphone

  1. Super-fast internet service

With a 4G capable phone, you can now download and upload anything in a jiffy. Be it movies, songs, games or documents. Alongside, checking emails, sharing photos and videos and normal internet surfing becomes at least four times speedier than on any other network. Popular applications like Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Hangouts etc., works breezily.

  1. Create a Mobile Hotspot

Today almost all smartphones have the capability to work as a Wi-Fi router. A poor bandwidth may make it a very unsatisfactory experience to use your smartphone’s internet on your laptop or PCs. But with 4G you can easily connect your smartphone to the laptop and get high speed internet connectivity. Unless you plan to share your hotspot with more than five users, your speed will remain intact.

A 4G enabled smartphone allows you to get the best internet experience, just like any other smartphone, but with added speed. It is also future-proof, as major cellular companies have already started manufacturing 4G compatible phones. But if you need a smartphone for talking, playing offline games, and for doing minimal work on the internet then you can do without a 4G phone.