When it comes down to it, staying sober can be difficult. In fact, addiction is one of the hardest things to get through. When it comes down to it, the first step to overcoming addition is actually admitting that you are an addict. After that, you must go through an extensive recovery process – a process that includes visiting a rehabilitation center and going to group therapy sessions. After rehab, it may be smart to move into a sober living home. For recovering addicts, moving into a sober living home can offer a number of amazing benefits. Here are five major benefits of sober living homes for recovering addicts.

5 Major Benefits Of Sober Living Homes For Recovering Addicts

  1. A safe environment away from temptations. After you leave rehab, the world can be full of temptations. If you move into your own home, it can be dangerous to be face to face with the same old demons. In a sober living home, you are in an environment that is drug and alcohol free, which can help you remain drug and alcohol free.
  2. A sense of camaraderie that you can’t get anywhere else. Another major benefit of living in a sober living home is that you are around other people that are in the same boat as you. Living with people that are struggling with addiction and some of the same demons can actually help you get through the recovery process. When you live alone, you have a lot more time to think and you can’t really turn to anyone for help. In a sober living home, you will always have someone that can get you through a dark moment.
  3. A good middle zone between addiction and sobriety. Because of the camaraderie and the safe environment, moving into a sober living home can help ease the transition between addition and your life as a sober person. After recovery, the ground you walk on can be quite shaky and a sober living environment, like Westlake Recovery, can offer a more solid footing. In fact, many recovery specialists recommend that recovering addicts move into a sober living environment before they transition into regular life.
  4. A sense of belonging and responsibility. In a sober living home, you are required to pay rent, bills, and other expenses. Not only that, but you are required to clean, wash dishes, and take out the trash – among a number of other chores. This can give someone a sense of belonging. It can also give someone a sense of self worth. These are all incredibly important things for someone overcoming addiction. Not only that – these responsibilities can take your mind away from the demons.
  5. A strict adherence to a schedule and rules. Not only are there chores and responsibilities at a sober living home, but you also have to abide by a schedule and there are a number of rules. Having this structure is incredibly important. One of the main triggers for addicts is not having structure. Inherently, sober living homes require you to have a lot of structure, which is incredibly imperative for continued success in your sobriety.