When money was invented, it was supposed to be used for the purposes of buying stuff which would help the normal running of a household. In time, it was learned that it can also be used to buy a product and then resell it to make more money. This became a source of income for some earlier investors. As this form of primitive market evolved it not only attracted more buyers and sellers but also led to the formation of specialized jobs in finance industry. These jobs were broker, banker, analyzer and manager. These careers included observing he market and making predictions based on the trends and calculations of behavior of the market.

If you are fond of calculations and predictions based on these calculations, a career in investment may be for you. It involves getting academic qualifications in finance, analysis, mathematics and economy with additive requirements of management degree and clearing advanced exams in order to make a career out of finance industry. This makes it a challenging task to start a career and progress ahead.

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To make a career in finance you will first need to understand the roles and responsibilities of the jobs. For example, it is the role of a financial analyzer to observe the functioning of the market along with its recent trends. He then calculates how the market will do in a particular area of investment and advises the investors to make a choice based on these calculations. An investor’s role is to buy or sell a product taking the advice of a financial analyzer and an actuary. The return on the product’s transaction in buy or sell will be given to the investor.

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