If you’re ashamed of your smile, it really doesn’t have to be that way! With recent advancements in orthodontic treatment, straightening your smile is no longer necessarily a case of being a metal mouth for a few years and, even if you do opt for traditional metal train-trace braces, they’re far more socially acceptable than they previously were, with a whole host of celebrities ranging from Gwen Stefani and Holly Willoughby through to Katy Perry and Myleene Klass all opting for metal over invisible options!

Taking that leap and starting orthodontic treatment as an adult can be difficult and often needs a little push of positive encouragement and, as such, in conjunction with Queens Gate Orthodontics in London, we’ve put together three reasons to justify treatment to you!

3 Reasons To Take That Leap And Start Adult Orthodontic Treatment

1. Get A Smile You Want To Show Off

You really shouldn’t have to hide in photos and you should be proud to show off your smile! Whilst orthodontic treatment will see you wearing some form of braces for anything between six months and two years, think of the end result! In terms of getting that smile you’ve dreamed of, a few years is absolutely nothing and if you ever question starting treatment, just think of how much you’ll want to show it off at the end! You’ll never stop smiling and, as far as we’re concerned, bite performance aside, that’s what it’s all about for many starting orthodontic treatment!

2. Braces Don’t Have To Be Visible

2.With treatments such as Invisalign and lingual braces becoming popular in recent years, you’ll be pleased to know that no one else needs to know you’re having orthodontic treatment if you don’t want them to. Invisalign works on a series of removable clear aligners which are replaced every two weeks and which straighten your teeth slowly over a period of time whilst lingual braces still use metal brackets and wires, however these are bonded to the back of your teeth as opposed to the front meaning unless someone is inspecting the inside of your mouth, they’ll have no idea they’re there! This, for many adults, is the sole reason for treatment in knowing that, whilst they’re straightening their smile, they don’t need others to know until the end results can be seen!

3. Celebrities Are Wearing Them

3.If you needed any further justification for getting braces as an adult, just take a look at the number of celebrities who have undergone all types of treatment in recent years! We’ve seen Katy Perry sporting metal braces in one of her videos (to later go on to get Invisalign), Cheryl Cole getting that award winning smile with Invisalign and Holly Willoughby sorting out a few dental imperfections with ceramic braces. It’s clear that celebrities are more than happy to show off their braces and so should you be! It’s nothing to be ashamed of and, above anything, shows your commitment to yourself and your appearance!

At the end of the day, for whatever reason you may or may not have had braces as a teenager (many did but find their teeth move again as they get older) however if you can afford treatment as an adult then we suggest you go for it as soon as possible…you won’t regret it!