The best thing you can do for your business and yourself is learn key techniques for communication. Expressing yourself is what makes you successful. Forget all the other ‘get rich quick’ schemes and tales of success. If you can master communication in the workplace, and teach employees similar techniques, you’ll place your company on the fast track to success. Whether it’s with employees, customers or partners, the backbone of good business is communicating your needs and goals, and understanding the needs of those around you. A healthy work environment creates a healthy profit.

Luckily, learning these techniques are easier than you’d think. That’s why we’ve created this list of 5 key ways to become an effective communicator.

Do What You Say

It’s one thing to talk about doing something the right way, it’s another to practice it. Communicating is not all talking. A lot of what you communicate is attributed to your behavior and the vibe you give off to others. If you lead by showing the way rather than speaking it, then you’ll encourage others to follow your lead. Actions always speak louder than words. How you carry yourself and the things you do will set the tone for your business interactions.

Preaching good business behavior and doing the opposite will only spread strife and chaos. The best way to go about this is to do what you say. If you understand that people have expectations of you as a leader, and that behaving as a leader would is one of them, then you’ll be able to fulfill both your needs and the needs of those around you.

5 Key Ways To Become An Effective Communicator


Shutting off and being ‘the boss’ is the best way to drive your business into the ground. Opening up to your customers and employees with honesty and a fresh perspective, will boost your success to a whole new level. If you can relate to the problems of others, you’ll be perceived as a genuine person who cares about the individuals who surround him and who understands what is good for business. That’s the kind of person people want to deal with and buy from.

Relating to people is as simple as asking them how they are and listening to what they have to do. Getting into discussions with employees shouldn’t be avoided, but encouraged. Though, employers should always maintain professionalism whilst doing so.


A good communicator doesn’t talk over other people or command them. No, they listen when they need to and learn as much as they can, because they’ve achieved the realization that the more you learn, the more you know. And the more you know, the easier success will be.

Listening is as simple as allowing others to get their opinion in, rather than dominating meetings. Listen to your employees and customers needs rather than talk over them.

Be There In Person

It’s not just about sitting there and listening while you pick your nails and wonder what’s for dinner. Be there in body and mind. Give your full attention to communicating with your employees and clients, and you’ll see a huge upsurge in the amount of business you get. Don’t be withdrawn and aloof. Be available whenever you can, because it removes the distance between you and those around you.

Rely On Others

Don’t be afraid to delegate tasks with clear, concise instructions. Teach others what to do and how to communicate with you, and understand that you can’t do everything yourself. In times of crisis, a company should band together as a team, rather than isolate into sections.

Delegating is as simples as employing answering services with the proper communication techniques to give your business a good image. Take the pressure off on small tasks so your team can focus on the bigger ones.

Always encourage good communication, through your actions and presences, as well as actually talking to those around you.