Oil rig employment is a very dangerous profession, but the pay level is significant for even entry level roustabout positions. Income is generally what draws the potential employee, but there are also other significant benefits associated with this type of employment. Experienced deck hands are needed by every company, but the constant demand for solid, experienced, and certified manpower does not necessarily mean that oil drilling jobs are easy to acquire. Many employees find a stable energy company, and continue with the company for several years.

5 Amazing Facts About Working

The profit margins for all energy companies are enormous, so most companies have very good long-term employment possibilities and like to keep a dependable, experienced workforce.

It is certainly not the best fit for everyone. It is demanding, exhausting, and dangerous work. But, for the right person, it can be a very rewarding career both financially and professionally. And while workers are often at risk of injury, they are covered by The Jones Act, which provides legal protection from any personal injury or wrongful death for maritime workers. At http://www.doyleraizner.com/admiralty-maritime-law injured oil riggers will find the legal representation from lawyers well versed in this special branch of law.

1. Excellent Pay Scale

Even an entry level roustabout can earn upwards of $100,000 per year working in the oil drilling industry. People who specialize in a particular area of expertise can command additional pay commensurate with certification and experience. Learning the industry on the job can also open doors for other positions on the platform, as energy companies like to promote from within the ranks of current company employees. This is typical throughout this global industry.

2. Excellent Off Time

Oil rigs are normally manned by four crews, with two crews being scheduled for one time period. The crews work twelve hour shifts, and rotate so the drilling process can continue constantly. This maximizes production for the energy company, but it also groups the worker’s hours together and normally allows them to work fourteen continuous days. This also means that rest periods are typically two weeks long. This down time gives each employee an excellent opportunity to rest and recoup while waiting to return to the platform.

3. Potential for Overtime

There are overtime hounds in practically every profession. Workers with families often enjoy working their standard schedule, but many young single workers are interested in filling in on the platform when an incoming crew is short-handed. This is an excellent chance to earn additional income for the person who enjoys staying busy.

5 Amazing Facts About Working On An Oil Drilling Platform

4. No Experience Required

There is no special training associated with working on an oil rig. Having a related certification can be helpful, but it is not necessary. Often the key to getting hired is networking with current employees before filing an application. Safety training is normally provided by the companies, and new workers are made aware of the potential dangers on the rig. Measures are always in place to prevent drilling disasters as much as possible, but a good safety plan only works when all hands on deck adhere to the safety standards. The potential for employee fatalities is ever-present, so safety is a top priority.

5. International Opportunities

The energy industry spans the globe. With new energy locations and technologies being adapted constantly, the opportunity to work in multiple international regions can be available for the person who is interested in using employment to see parts of the world they otherwise would not see.

The life of an oil rigger is amazing, rewarding, and grueling. Fortunately the advantages of the job outweigh the disadvantages for those with a well developed since of adventure. Thousands of people have built very successful careers as oil rig workers. 

Writer LaGeris Underwood Bell hopes this article will provide those who eschew the banal, and who hanker instead for an uber-extraordinary lifestyle with a few facts about a truly incredible job.

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