While renovating the house interior, ceilings are usually skipped or paid the least attention. In this article, we will discuss some of the breathtaking ideas for the renovation and improvement of ceilings. We are mostly stuck in the process of selecting the paint colors for walls and other decorating tools during the home renovation that we forget the ceilings. Just draw a picture of the newly renovated room with the plain and dull ceilings. Well, it may look boring and even depressing!

You can select the ceiling design from the vast number of styles and models available in the market by considering your budget, interior, and ceiling shape. For instance, a cottage or country house will go well with wooden ceiling while the drop ceiling is going to look great in a modern or traditional apartments. Today we would like to show you some of the ceiling designs ideas for different room layouts and houses.

5 Excellent Ideas On How To Style Your Ceiling

by Architectural Design & Construction

Living Room Ceiling Designs

Lighting style is a foremost element to be considered when choosing a ceiling for the living room. Once you finalize the lighting style such as recessed, pendant, or chandeliers, etc. you can proceed on to select the ceiling design that exactly matches your taste. For hidden and hanging lights, one has the option to choose from vaulted, tray, false, drop, and wooden panel ceilings. The decoration of the rest of the room can be done accordingly to enhance the overall look.

5 Excellent Ideas On How To Style Your Ceiling

by Greenside Design Build LLC

This living room in this picture comprises of coffered ceiling along with the usage of light shades which adds a warm setting to the place. Moreover, the high ceiling makes the room look wider, making it the perfect gathering space for friends and family.

Kitchen and Dining Area Ceiling Designs

For the kitchen and dining area, emphasize should be laid upon making the area look spacious, instead of adding decorating features. This idea is more practical when you have complete imaginary map of the decoration. You should have a rough idea of the entire area, for example, the furniture layout, lighting style, and decoration elements. Once finished with this, it will be much easier to renovate the dining and kitchen area in an appropriate way.

5 Excellent Ideas On How To Style Your Ceiling

by Gabriel Builders Inc.

The kitchen in the above picture looks immaculate with this application of bright overall theme through the white paint. In addition to this, pendant lights are used to focus the attention on the dining table.

Bedroom Ceiling Designs

Bedrooms should be designed in a way to give an atmosphere of warmth, coziness, and softness. Ceiling plays an important part in setting up your mood and tells a lot about your character. It is important to review the available room space and the lighting selections before confirming your ideal ceiling design. You should avoid mixing up a lot of styles in a room as it will end up with a cluttered look. The cleaner the design, the better it looks!

5 Excellent Ideas On How To Style Your Ceiling

by Jenkins Custom Homes

This bedroom features rustic theme with wooden panels and beams on a vaulted ceiling. Recessed lights and pale brown colors fill the space of the bedroom with warmth, peace, and comfort. One would probably feel relaxed and sleepy upon entering this room!