Many people with high blood sugar level are able to live longer with proper modifications in lifestyle. They could also travel to distant countries and see many new things. However, it is important for them to take extra preparation and plan ahead. Diabetics are out of their comfort zone once they reach a distant country. Before they start packing, it is important that medication is placed on top of the list. There should be extra medication for two or three more days, if our flight is canceled and we need to stay in a country longer. We also need to get recommendation letter from doctor, so we will get insulin and other medication, if we run out of medical supplies in a foreign country. We may bring old prescriptions, so local doctors know what we usually get. If we stay longer in a country, it is also necessary to get new blood tests, so we will be able to address any spike of blood sugar level. It is a good idea to declare our medical condition with the airline and hotel. Before taking medication with us, it is important to check the expiration date and we should also do the same with medication that we get from local countries.

If our blood sugar level easily fluctuates, it is a good idea to bring our own blood sugar test equipment.  It is also important to bring a few extra batteries and we may also buy them in the destination country. We should learn local words for insulin, diabetes and other related terms. In some cases, we need to use travel emergency kit and it may include laxative, anti-diarrheal drug and glucose tablets. Local foods may cause diarrhea and constipation, depending on our condition. Ibuprofen, aspirin and other pain relievers can be used. People with high blood sugar often has poor healing rate. Cuts and wounds may not heal properly. So, it is important to use long pants and shoes when traveling outdoor to prevent deep scratches and other wounds. If we are concerned about the severity of a wound, it is a good idea to visit local physicians. Also, when bringing insulin, it should be kept at room temperature. Its effectiveness can be negated by very high or low temperature. Other than bringing monitor and batteries, we should also pack more test strips and syringes.

We need to pack the list of medical information, as well contact information of our family and doctor. Old prescriptions and any note should be included with the diabetic travel pack, along with insulin and any kind of equipment that we should use. Things should be stowed close to where we are in the car. Because we don’t know about the sugar and carbohydrate levels of local snacks, it is a good idea to bring our own diabetic-friendly snack from home. Diabetic shocks should be brought to prevent blisters, because people tend to walk a lot during a trip. Sunglasses, hat and sun block could also help people stay comfortable during a trip.