Planning to have such a wonderful holiday with our family is such a great thing to do. Lots of things you must prepare start from ticketing, tour agent, hotel and many other things. However, above all of those important things deciding the beautiful destination will the essential thing you should choose. Knowing this fact, I can suggest you choose Solo city as your perfect tour destination.

This is an absolutely incredible place you should come to know more about the heritage and make it as a wonderful holiday destination. What I can offer you most about this magnificent city is not only the tour destination but also the people who are always friendly and how the family nuance is strongly kept in this city. You won’t find anything but comfy in this city.

Reasons why you should visit Solo City for your wonderful holiday

Solo city is a city in Central Java, Indonesia which has so many beautiful heritage places. What makes this city looks so incredible is how the people still strongly keep the heritage. There are plenty of reasons I can give to you to convince you to visit this city.

  • Yummy foods and drinks

What can be more interesting than traditional foods and drinks from a beautiful city? Of course lots of people won’t miss the opportunity to taste the delicious foods and drinks in a new place. Solo city is one of the wonderful holiday destinations in Central Java that has so many traditional delicious foods and drinks you should try.

Have you heard about NasiLiwet? NasiLiwetis a delicious traditional food in Solo which is becoming the iconic food that you should try. NasiLiwetis the salty delicious rice which is cooked with the coconut milk. Sure you can imagine how tasty it is, right? Another tasty food you should taste is the traditional food named Serabi. It is traditional food which tastes sweet and made from ingredients of pancake. What makes it special is that this Serabiis cooked on the pan made from clay. Well, I think this is the best food that you should try.

  • Home of Batik

Who doesn’t know Batik? Everybody now knows Batik and I believe you already agree that Batik is one of the most beautiful designs that you should buy. However, do you know that Batik is one of the heritages of Indonesia? Based on this reason I suggest you to buy the original Batik from Solo. It is more beautiful and I can assure you that it has the best quality than any other Batik.

There are two types of Batik, they are printing and written. The written one is more expensive than the printing one because it needed months to finish a meter of Batik. However, I can assure you that this has the best quality of design, not only the print design but also the quality itself.

Finding all those reasons will make you want to visit this city right now. So are you ready to visit Solo? Then grab your bag and ticket right now!