Self-Esteem Is A Self-Defeating

We hear so much about self-esteem these day and how important it is. What to know something – self-esteem is not worth a cat’s whisker.

Self-esteem is big business. Peruse the self-help section of any bookshop and you’ll find row after row of books dedicated to feeling good, getting happy and making the most out of you. But despite all these apparent solutions, a recent survey by found that Australia is the world’s most depressed nation. (To make matters worse, the survey also helpfully pointed out that we’re rather fat.)

The problem with self-esteem is that it is focused on thoughts – both positive and negative – rather than meaningful actions. And we cannot control thoughts, no matter how hard we try.

So, with Online Counselling services such as that practice Acceptance and Commitment Therapy we throw away the idea of self-esteem and positive thinking and we talk about positive action in accordance with values which does not depend on any positive thoughts.

4 Ways Where Counselling Support Can Assist With Over Eating

To Work On the Negative Thoughts around Body Images

We all get thoughts from time to time saying ‘we are not good enough’ or ‘I could be thinner’ or ‘I am not pretty enough’. These are entirely normal. It’s when we get stick with these thoughts are cannot move forward and do the things we want to do in life that causes problems. Counselling Online teaches clients to accept these thoughts and diffuse their power so we can lead rich, rewarding and full life.

Help On the Thoughts and Processes

For many of us addictive behaviours such as eating, not eating, drinking and so forth stem from desire to avoid or control unpleasant feelings of thoughts We maybe able to temporarily stop these thoughts are feelings but they always come back. The only effective solution is true acceptance. We teach clients to practice expansion skills to make room for difficult thoughts are feelings o they don’t overwhelm us and we then don’t need to block them out using alcohol, food or alike.

How to Ignore the Mind

The mind is very good at coming up with reasons not to do things or we want to do. In most Western countries over 40% of the adult population is overweight or obese. Yet, almost all of us value our health and well-being. Our minds are genius for giving us reasons not to eat healthier or exercise – “I’m too tired”, II can’t be bothered” or “I have had a busy day”. Reasons are just thoughts and thoughts do not control our behaviour. The more we become fused with our thoughts the harder it is to take effective action and lead a healthy life. Reasons are just excuses – things we do or say to justify what we do or don’t do. Here at we can assist you defuse from negative and unhelpful thoughts and lead a rich, full and healthy life.

At we work with clients to show that if we avoid unpleasant feelings or thoughts through avoidance techniques such as eating or drinking the harder it becomes to make important changes in our life and lead an amazing and rich life. Change involves rick, it also involves facing our fears and demons – which means change will give rise to uncomfortable feelings. We work with clients to help them make room for these thoughts and feelings and to focus on taking effective action.

Counselling Services such as those provided by are excellent support for people who may be having issues around binge eating or drinking to block out difficult thoughts or feelings. 

Author Bio: Matthew is a qualified counsellor and a regular blogger on Counselling Services. To know more about online counselling and its benefits, read his articles and blogs.