When you begin thinking about a career that you might like to have that will support your family and make you happy, you also need to consider how that career can help others. Not everyone is cut out for working in a field where you make a difference for someone else, but if you have a caring nature and enjoy seeing other people smile, there are a few career options that are ideal for you to think about. Talk to your guidance counselor at school to see what classes you would need to take as well as how far up the ladder each career could take you.

4 Jobs For People Who Want To Make A Difference


If you like making a difference in someone’s life, then consider a career in healthcare. There are many options available in this field depending on how closely you want to interact with patients. Examples include nursing, working in an assisted living facility with elderly individuals or physical therapy. Each genre of healthcare allows you to work with someone who needs assistance in one way or another in regards to their health.

Fire Department

If you’ve ever seen someone’s home on fire or seen a car accident, then you know that there are people who are on their way to offer assistance. You can be one of those people if you have a career with the fire department. Start as a volunteer to see if it’s something that you like before becoming an employee of the city or the county. From there, you can work in large cities or become a fire chief.


This might seem like a job where you help the judge sentence people to jail, but it’s really a career where you can save a life. You can go before the judge to keep someone from going to jail by asking for a different sentence. There are a few different areas of law to go into if you don’t like the criminal aspect, such as family or business law.

One area of law that could allow you to make a huge difference is to work in a juvenile court. Juvenile offenders are often given punishments that are designed to help them learn from their mistakes and correct their lives instead of simply serving out sentences. Working in this setting could allow you to help shape a child’s future.

Social Work

Making sure that parents keep their children or are able to provide a better life for their children, working to ensure that a child has a voice in the court system or working with older adults who need help with finances are only some of the ways that you can make a difference as a social worker.

If you were to pursue an online master of social work, you may be in for a challenge. You’re responsible for making some tough decisions in this line of work. However, you can change someone’s life who might otherwise lose everything.

Choosing a career can sometimes be a challenge. There are a few choices that allow you to make an impact in someone’s life. These careers allow you to show compassion and care for someone who might not have anyone else.