Social media, a word that has indeed overwhelmed human lives with its heaps of advantages and disadvantages. Every now and then we see the new innovations and remarkable advancements in this field, submitting to human ideas and needs. Social media is, without a doubt, a showcase that lets individuals exhibit their skills and talents, without any rent or cost. When the term social media crosses our minds immediately internet pops up in our heads. Let me clarify, print media is also equally important.

The point is that there are so many people who love using social media tools. But, they mostly fail in playing with them correctly. See to it this way, if a child is given some blocks to make a house without supervision, he might succeed in building a structure but a deformed one. Though the house is made, but the purpose is not accomplished as the entire thing will soon collapse. So the moral is: making profiles on all platforms will not let your shoulders shrug off the responsibility, in fact you need to play with these forums effectively.

As for the career hunters are concerned, the major platform to serve their interest best is LINKEDIN. But the story doesn’t end here, apart from the three giant tools, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, there are hundred others emerging like mini islands on the surface of social media ocean. How can individuals in true meanings benefit from these forums, let’s have a look:

Write your Heart Out:

There are a lot of people in this world who are fans of storytelling since childhood, they maintain diaries and become a part of school magazine. As they grow up, they let their passion subside because they do not have any professional platform to execute their desire of writing. This issue can be resolved easily through BLOGGING. This recent instrument has indeed given such souls a chance to excel in the field of writing. Bloggers have more fans than authors of bestselling novels have.

4 Ways To Showcase Your Skills Through Social Media

Make your Own Page or Community:

Now that is where Facebook takes the lead. So many brands have gained success through social media marketing. A page is created, fans follow up and soon the product or service is a hit. How one can actually enhance his/her skills via this method is very simple. Just make sure that the page is created for the right purpose and you may use it for link building. Add up links to the landing page that will direct your readers to the blogs you maintain or the website you are hosting.

Run a Contest:

On internet these days, contests are very popular. You can easily market your product by running a contest. Spread the word on twitter, upload clips on YouTube and Facebook, and see the feedback. The next step is to use your contacts to do some buzz marketing. The skill here is “advertising and PR”. Let people know how you can get some real time audience through your communication and social skills. Running a contest would again involve getting some piles of sponsorships. This will lengthen your contact list.

Let the Bucks Pour In:

There are so many businesses that run using the clutches of social media. Take for instance the fashion industry, where apparel websites do online transactions as swiftly as a breeze, defying the conventional methods completely. Moreover, there are also book sellers who earn pails of money by publicizing their stuff online. It is not industry restricted, but the point is that one shall know how to make use of his/her talents and skills best when it comes to internet and social media. Remember, once the trail starts it becomes an infinite one…

Author Bio:-

Anissa Lee is an executive serving a reputable firm helping graduates who often ask professionals, “help me write my dissertation”. Her job is to supervise the quality of the product and its timely delivery. Besides being a workaholic, she also likes to read and write blogs on career and traveling.