HubSpot Marketing has become a major player with regards to providing a whole host of useful, and free, web marketing tools – Covering vital sectors such as social media, content, analytics, and SEO. Without a doubt, it is a useful commodity with regards to inbound marketing tactics: Even the Harvard Business Review stated their free online tools were among the most effective for inbound marketing. What exactly is inbound marketing? Keeping things straightforward; inbound marketing is all about making sure people can find your business online as well as properly utilize the services and/or products you provide – The top tools for this are social media, blogs, and SEO, of which HubSpot provides some of the best. Here are some top tips to help you understand how those tools work and so use them successfully.

1 – Social Media

HubSpot’s social media marketing tools can help you save precious time connecting to the people who matter most by prioritizing how that happens. With their time-saving tool you can share content quickly and easily (either automatically, manually or scheduled) to important social networks such as FB, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google – read more here. In addition, this tool can also monitor reactions to your content by providing vital analytics. Top Tip: Use this analytics to respond quickly to comments (interact with your audience) and study them to understand what works and what does not.

2 – Content Marketing

HubSpot provides excellent resources to help effectively manage, and so improve and develop your inbound marketing strategies. Written content, videos, and downloadable resources can be created to specifically meet their “purpose”: That purpose being to build your business online presence. In addition to the free tools, HubSpot also has a useful “online library” of articles giving excellent advice that can help you get started and succeed with your inbound marketing strategy. Top Tip: Ensure your content is unique and relevant to your target market.

3 – SEO

SEO primarily combines link building & content marketing to achieve ranks. Google is the number one search engine in the world – statistics reveal 89% of B2B buyers and 81% of online shoppers will use google search to find what they want. Hence, most SEO strategies are constructed to achieve ranks within google. Indeed, the cold hard truth is, if you do not gain ranks in google your business will be somewhat of an enigma online. Top Tip: Concentrate on Google for SEO by doing the research and thinking about the strategy your business needs to succeed.

Google uses complex algorithms to decide which websites rank the highest. Primarily it’s all about content. Why? When someone searches for information or a product it is content that provides them those all-important answers. Ensure your content, whether written, media or download is relevant to what you are providing. Do this and Google’s algorithms will match the search to the result correctly. This means you get more visibility and so more custom.