Professional football takes a lot of talent, but it also takes some luck. These four teams have some of the toughest 2015 schedules, so they’ll need all the luck they can get.

Seattle Seahawks

After winning the 2013 Super Bowl, the Seattle Seahawks faced a difficult 2014 season. The team still managed to dominate the league, making it to yet another Super Bowl game. Despite losing to the Patriots, the Seahawks showed that Seattle’s players were some of the best in the world.

This year, they face an even more difficult season that will test their talent and stamina. The 16 teams that the Seahawks will compete against during the 2015 season have excellent records. Combined, they have a .559 winning percentage.

Hopefully for Seahawks fans, the team will see this as an opportunity to develop its skills.

Pittsburgh Steelers

No team is expected to have a harder season than the Pittsburgh Steelers. Its 2015 challengers have a .579 combined winning percentage. The Steelers will also have the disadvantage of losing defensive coach Dan Quinn to the Falcons. If you’re already looking to the playoffs, you might want to hedge your bet.

Then again, the Steelers can thrive under opposition. After all, they have won more Lombardi trophies than any other team.

A printable schedule from DocSports will help you keep up with the 2015-2016 NFL season. Pay attention to each one to see how the Steelers progress under these difficult circumstances.

Arizona Cardinals

NFC West is a tough conference for any team. Last year, the Arizona Cardinals managed to finish second place to the Seahawks. That’s not an achievement you can scoff at without risking a deserved bruising from Cardinals fans.

The 2015 season will pose an even bigger challenge for the Cardinals. Analysts say that they have the fifth-hardest schedule this season.

It’s not all bad news for the Cardinals, though. Consider that the Steelers and the 49ers are both expected to have more difficult schedules ahead of them. If those two teams get beaten enough, the Cardinals could pull ahead. Plus, the bigger challenge could hone the team’s talents for a championship win.

Cincinnati Bengals

Cincinnati is a perennial underdog even though it is one of the few teams to make it into the NFL playoffs for the last three seasons. It’s a solid team with a lot of talent, but something always seems to prevent the Bengals from going all the way.

This year, the Bengals will have it harder than ever. The teams they will face in the 2015 season have a .563 combined winning percentage. That means the Bengals have the second-hardest season in the league.

If the Bengals can dominate this season, they may lose their unfortunate nickname (the Bungles) for something that accurately reflects the team’s abilities. Without a major win, though, the people of Cincinnati will have to choke their sorrows with more goetta.

Having a difficult season is sometimes a mixed blessing. Do you think any of these teams has what it takes to overcome the obstacles and move into the championship games?