When dealing with pests, some people do not want to kill the animals and bugs as they feel it is inhumane and unfair. Fortunately, one has more than one humane option to get rid of pests. In fact, here are four humane ways to get rid of unwanted pests.

Humane Traps:

A rat infestation is not something that most people like to deal with. To fix this, some use traps or poison throughout the house. While this is effective, it is also dangerous for pets and children. Instead, a person who wants to get rid of them humanely should use a catch and release trap. With this device, a homeowner can get rid of pests and put them in the wild where they belong.

 4 Humane Ways To Rid Your House Of Unwanted Pests

Block Entrances:

All too often, a homeowner will inadvertently invite pests into his or her home. To avoid this and get to the root of the issue, one should go around the property and look for any holes or small cracks in the house or windows. Then, a resident would simply need to plug the holes. This will also have another benefit. During the winter months, residents will not get as cold when the winter air does not come in the house so easily.

Insect Sucking Vacuum:

Most people, when seeing a spider, shriek in terror and fear. While this is not irrational, it is understandable. To avoid killing a spider, one can buy a handheld vacuum and put them safely outside in the wild. This has another benefit as a resident who does not have to handle a spider is unlikely to get bitten.

Remove the Source:

Now, plenty of people have dirty and messy houses. While this is just the way some live, it certainly is not the way to live if a person wants to get rid of unwanted pests. If a homeowner does not want to kill animals or insects, he or she should clean the entire house and get rid of any food or water sources. With a few hours of cleaning, one can completely remove the food source and the pests will leave quickly. If this does not work, one should call a San Rafael pest control company who can fix the problem quickly.

Luckily, with these four tips a homeowner can get rid of pests and insects humanely and quickly. Remember, there is almost always an alternative to killing another living animal and it is often just as easy.