Renewable energy is very topical. Utility companies have announced price rises despite their profitability. Some argue that the rises are necessary precisely because of the extra costs involved in environmental compliance. The rises are certainly not good news particularly for the elderly facing the prospect of a cold winter. The trend of prices increasing each year seems to be well and truly established. It is worth spending some time to see whether there are ways to make savings other than simply turning down the dial.

Renewable Energy May Be The Answer

Energy Issues

Nothing has every really beaten the look of a nice fire. Even if the heat that it puts out cannot keep a large room warm, the fact is sometimes masked by the stunning visual effect that a flame provides. There are many artificial flames these days of course. There are also a number of energy issues relating both to the environment and to cost that have led to people focusing on their existing heating provisions and the economics of changing, with initial investment required, but future running costs likely to be considerably lower.

Solar Panels

The environment is a major issue these days and nature can provide an answer to energy needs. Solar panels and source pumps involving the air or underground heat can heat your home. The panels can transfer rays to energy and lessen your need to use your gas boiler. If you want to know more then click here. You can expect that more than half of your annual hot water can be satisfied by solar energy as long as the panels are properly sited and average sunshine is met. During summer months all your hot water will be provided though in winter your bills will rise as your gas boiler will need to be switched on. In most cases solar panels will fit in with existing systems though new boilers will also be an alternative.

Panels can be fitted on almost any roof, inside or out and there are brackets that will also fit to side walls.

Source Pumps

Source pumps are another thing certainly worth considering. One type requires a unit similar to an air conditioner attached to the rear or side wall of your house. Air is drawn in and the heat produced can be linked to radiators or even under floor systems. Ground source pumps require far more work to install because they require laying extensive pipe work underground in your garden. It means you need a decent sized garden. Heat that is created below the ground can be drawn into your home with your operating costs greatly reduced to compensate for your outlay.

Ground source pumps can actually replace a boiler as the source for your home’s heat and water though you will need to consider the start up costs.

These forms of renewable energy certainly get the thumbs up from the environmental lobby. A good service company with plumbing and electrical skills will happily discuss them further and quote for their installation. There are even government grants for changing to renewable energy sources or systems which use them, so it is certainly worth thinking about for your home.