For something to deserve more and more attention and demand, then it definitely has to be good in one way or another. This is the major reason why large masses of people from across the globe cannot get enough of having the best from the use of devices that run on Android. Android is one of the leading OS in the world with multiple users. The following are some of the things you can expect to get in the Android app stores as you roam around looking for something intriguing for your phone especially when you look into :


1. The F-Droid

This app store takes a precise focus on Free and open source software (FOSS). It works in a simple way, although there exists categorization and the other part is that the list can be searchable. This is the place to find as many free apps as you may imagine and obtaining them means no dependencies, tracking or any ads whatsoever. Many users who advocate for the open source movement will find this store very useful.


2. The Appoke

This is a an app store that mainly dwells on the social recommendations, therefore, it should not be very surprising to find social media like Facebook and Twitter tied in. It gives the liberty to view out your opinions and be able to know the kind of apps that friends from various places are using at the moment. A large number of the apps here are free and the good part is you can earn credits in addition, which ultimately enables you to get access to a number of premium apps. Therefore, for the social side, this is best place to wind.

3. GetJar

Various platforms for apps do work well here. This app store has numerous free apps that you can easily access. This app store is quite basic, however, there is a division of apps into categories and sub-categories to make it a piece of cake for anyone to access the kind of app he or she may want for a particular purpose. It is common to find, comments, likes and dislikes from users on various apps used. Connection to both Facebook and Twitter is a rare issue. Among the good things that come along with the use of GetJar Rewards app is the discovery of apps specifically made to meet your needs and expectations, which enables you to earn rewards that give you an access to premium apps and upgrade of apps just like the Appoke.

4. SlideMe

This app store is an alternative for global reach, which offers free and  premium apps that are under categories. For security purposes, all the apps pass through a good quality control passage. It is widely available to users especially globally making it a good attractive store and payment can be through PayPal. Furthermore, it enables an easy filtering of searches and makes it possible to find nice app descriptions.

If anything, SlideMe is one of the app stores that offer great enticement to developers because of the ability to reach out to larger masses of people globally. Developers see it as a good facility to use in marketing their apps effectively and carrying out a good campaign for android market apps.