As the warmer months approach, breaking out the sprinkler systems becomes a necessity. But, getting your sprinkler system running again is a bit more than just turning it on again. Instead, you’ll have to ensure that it is effectively de-winterized in order to ensure that everything is working properly and you don’t experience any problems. Here are three important items to check before flipping the on-switch to your sprinkler system.

3 Things To Check Before Turning On Your Sprinkler System

The Water Valves

When preparing your sprinkler system for the winter, you should have shut off the water to it. That being said, the first step in breaking the sprinklers back out again is to turn the water on and check the valves. You should open the water valves slowly since you can cause damage if you rush. Simply open the valves until they are parallel to the water line, and you should be all set.

Timers and Weather Sensors

The timers on your sprinkler system may have been saved from last summer, but it is important to check and reset them if necessary. Be sure to test out the timers to ensure that everything is working properly. Of course, you’ll want to first test them out during times of the day when you can observe their functionality. It’s easy to go back and reset them as necessary once you have determined that they are working. Additionally, some sprinkler systems come with weather sensors to ensure that they don’t come on when it’s already raining. Be sure to clean off the sensors of any debris that may cause them to not work properly. Cleaning them up should ensure that everything is working properly again.

Drainage Systems

Ideally, your sprinkler systems will have little to do with your home’s drainage systems, but it’s worth it to play it safe. If you have a basement, this is especially important. The last thing you want is for a broken line or sprinkler head to flood your home. Checking drainage can be as simple as finding drains and testing them with a small cup of water. Don’t start with a bucketful of water unless you’re ready to soak it up if the drain isn’t working properly. Drainage, especially below ground-level drainage, can be difficult to fix, so it’s a good idea to have a sewer and drain repair service take a look if you’re having problems.

Sprinkler systems can be a tricky operation, and setting them up again every summer can be a bit of a hassle. But, following these steps should help ensure that everything is working properly once you are ready to use your sprinkler system again. If you run into any major issues with your system, it’s important to contact a professional so that you can ensure the problem gets fixed before any damage is caused.