Every single person on earth is unique. The array of personalities and interests people have means getting a little flashy with the things that make you tick can be a lot of fun and help you stand out from the crowd. The things you love are part of what make you an individual. Here are five ways to show off your appreciation for some of the things that make you who you are:

5. Business Cards

If your passion happens to be something like historical trivia this one may not seem to make much sense. Still, a hobby or interest, if it’s something you spend considerable time at, can be real fun for people to see. A business card can refer people to a personal website, for instance. Similarly, if you happen to be in a line of work that requires business cards, personalize them in fun ways that showcase your personality.

4. Wear What You Love!

No, not zebra-print or fur coats. Organizations, institutions, causes, and interests all have their own gear. Whether you’re into t-shirts, hoodies, socks, hats, or jerseys, showing off what you love on your clothing makes style fun. It makes a great visual to communicate what you’re about. If you need to be a bit more conservative, there are always smaller, less conspicuous choices like pins or tie bars.

5 Great Ways To Show Off The Things You Love

3. Personalize Your ID and Documents

Letterhead? Boring. State ID’s? Impossible. License plates on the other hand offer a fun way to showcase some style. If vanity plates aren’t for you, there’s still fun options. Plates can recognize military service, an alma mater, or various organizations. A similar fun idea? Personalized checks! There’s all kinds of options and almost endless potential. You have to pay those bills anyway, so why not make it a bit more fun. Take a look at online at Checks Superstore for some inspiration on some of the many possibilities.

2. Connect With Others

If you’re interested in something, odds are there’s others out there who are too. Whether what you love involves an actual creative element, or is purely a more passive interest there’s lots of ways to actively participate with what you enjoy, and in turn show it off. Join an online forum, create a blog, or a get active in a club. All can be a fun way to present your interests to a like-minded community. Even a past time like fantasy football offers a fun way to show off your interest and connect with others.

1. Put It Out There Tangibly!

This is not a suggestion to create another Facebook profile in the voice of a family pet, but showing off what you love can and should be literal. It may not mean taking your karaoke skills on the road. Maybe it’s getting involved in community theater, or entering an art contest. No matter the specific details, the options are limitless. Look around your city for local opportunities, they are out there!