Fitness and athletic enthusiasts is the primary market for Ephedra, which offers both the benefits of weight loss in addition to building stamina during athletics. This drug is often mistaken for Mormong tea, which is devoid of the chemical Ephedrine HCL, the element which is instrumental for side effects. Are you looking for a slim contour to enhance athletic performance? Ephedra is the solution and is legal to buy in Canada.

Ephedra, a herbal concoction is used for to treat weight loss and obesity, with a secondary purpose to enhance athletic performance. The drug also finds its extensive use in the field of medicine to counter allergies, hay fever and complications related to nasal congestion and respiratory tract symptoms like wheezing and bronchitis. Also used as a diuretic, Ephedra is also used to cure flu and its related symptoms of common cold, fever, rigors and headache.

Regulations Governing the Marketing of Ephedra in the US

Regulated by the US FDA, Ephedra is identified as a weight loss supplement for people looking at maintain a slim contour. While this drug makes its presence felt in the online market, side effects coupled with abuse made this drug to feature in the illegal segment. Hence the marketing of products with Ephedra or Ephedra alkaloid as dietary supplements is illegal in the US, sometimes sold under the garb of a recreational drug as a “herbal ecstasy”.

Side Effects – The Result of Prolonged Abuse

Prolonged and unsolicited consumption of Ephedra is sometimes fatal causing high blood pressure and heart attacks, causing muscular disorders, seizures, irregular heartbeat and loss of consciousness.

Ephedra – Its Multitude Uses

Ephedrine HCL – the Active Ingredient in Ephedra

Ephedrine HCL is a permitted combination for use in the field of medicine to treat bronchial related symptoms of asthma and cough, thus making it accessible through over the counter purchases since it is perceived to stimulate the heart, the lungs, and the nervous system is.

Legalities in Canada

While the health supplement outlets in Canada do not market ephedra diet pills, the drug is available in the form of ephedrine HCL, which is the active ingredient present in ephedra. This supplement is mainly consumed to increase metabolic activity and thermo genesis. Hence this drug is posed with contradictory regulations, thus causing a concern to the people at large, who questioning the legality of ephedrine tablet over the restriction imposed on Ma Haung and Ephedra. The regulations also specify a declaration in the form of a statutory warning to restrict the prolonged consumption of the drug. Restrictions also feature in the form of daily consumption not exceeding 32 grams as a combination drug with an occurrence of not more than 8 grams of ephedrine HCL.

As the risk of side effects is more potent than beneficial effects, it pays to exercise caution over the amount of consumption of this banned drug both for medical remedies and recreational satisfaction.

Ideally, if you are looking for something that is legal to buy in Canada for your weight loss goals, then Ephedra is the answer to your quest.