Saving your income is a worthy goal. If you do a thorough job of pinching your pennies, you may notice a little extra income lying around. If it’s not needed in savings, retirement fund, or any of your other budget categories, you could consider investing it in a home or lifestyle upgrade.

Not every upgrade is worth your time and money. You know that living simply is best. There are, however, a few upgrades that make your life better, and are worth the financial investment. Here are three life upgrades that are worth your money.

A Better Car

When you were fresh out of college, it made the most sense to buy a cheap car that you could afford upfront. By the time you paid for all the repairs and trashed that car, however, you paid about double the original price. Older cars break down, so you have to find the used car balance. A gently-used, almost new vehicle from your local Ford dealership is a much better choice for your family, especially if you walk away with a good deal. A car that doesn’t break down and runs well saves you money in the long run, and you can sell it when it becomes prone to repairs. The new buyer will know what they’re getting into, and you won’t have to deal with two or more repairs a year.

A Fireplace

A fireplace may seem like an impractical upgrade, and it’s true that a fireplace doesn’t do much to save you money every day. It helps you save on heat in the winter, since a well-lit fire casts plenty of heat (hence the reason fireplaces being used to heat homes two hundred years ago). It will also earn you some extra money if you sell your house, since a fireplace increases your home value. The real reason to upgrade to a fireplace, however, is enjoyment. For a small investment, you can enjoy crackling logs and a beautiful, romantic glow any night you wish. Talk to a New Jersey construction company about installing your fireplace.

Storage Space

If you feel like your home is never clean, and your closets are impossible to navigate, a worthwhile investment could be better storage space. You could build or buy a small shed for the backyard, install shelves in your garage, or build a complete closet makeover that helps you better store your items. Most homeowners waste the vertical space in their closets, so if you need shelves, bins, and cubbies to store all your shoes or cleaning supplies, the investment of time and money is well worth it. Storage space will help you manage the stuff you already own, and it will help you stay downsized. Owning less stuff can actually make you happier, so finding ways to store your stuff in a small location can help keep you minimalist and less stressed.