1.The history

The list of historical monuments seems endless. We just cannot imagine how you can miss some of the most popular around the world Italian historical sites that can really bring you back in time. They contrast starkly with the city’s modern look and remind us of Italy’s rich past. Here is a short list of the Italian sites that you don’t want to miss during your travel:

Top Italian sites:

The Colosseum

3 Indisputable Reasons Why You Should Visit Italy

One of the best places in Italy is definitely The Colosseum, also known as Flavian Amphitheatre. Built under the emperor Vespasian, it’s the biggest Amphitheater that the Roman Empire built and had the capacity of holding between 50,000 and 80,000 visitors.

Grand Canal (Venice)

3 Indisputable Reasons Why You Should Visit Italy

A ride through the canals with a gondola is something every traveler should try. Also called “The City of Water” Venice has an unforgettable romantic charm that attracts tourists from all over the world. It is truly unique since it’s built upon a lagoon enclosed by Adriatic Sea. The Grand Canal that divides the city into two parts is the main waterway of the city. The chief means of travel on water are private water taxis, vaporetti (water buses) and the gondola.

Santa Maria Del Fiore (Florence)

3 Indisputable Reasons Why You Should Visit Italy

The basilica Santa Maria Del Fiore is one of the main symbols of Florence. This beautiful cathedral is one of the biggest Italian churches and its brick dome is the largest in the world.

Lake Como

3 Indisputable Reasons Why You Should Visit Italy

If you are searching for the great combination of mild weather, fresh air, mountains, water, then you should visit the famous Lake Como. There are beautiful villas and small towns with picturesque gardens built around the lake that date back to ancient Roman times. The climate there, which is like the Mediterranean, is the reason why there is such a variety of plants.

Trevi Fountain

3 Indisputable Reasons Why You Should Visit Italy

Created by Nicola Salvi this masterpiece is one of Italy’s greatest attractions. It’s a famous romantic spot since people throw a coin there in order to return back and two coins to have a long and happy relationship with a Roman person. When illuminated at night it becomes a mesmerizing site.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa

3 Indisputable Reasons Why You Should Visit Italy

The flaw in this building actually made it famous. When the construction of this building started in 1173, the tower started to sink because the foundation was poorly laid and then the building project was stopped. When the engineers started constructing it again, they built one side of the floors higher than the other to compensate for the lean. Today the tower is open for everyone who wants to climb its 296 steps to enjoy the breath stopping view of the city.

2.The cuisine

If you don’t try out the traditional Italian cuisine, you are missing a lot of your whole Italian experience.  If you are fan of Italian cuisine, you are probably one of the lucky people that have been in Italy – the country with amazing traditional cuisine.

3 Indisputable Reasons Why You Should Visit Italy

Our advice is to really choose the original. Italian cuisine is so rich and offers such a variety of intense flavours that you can help falling in love with it. Choose places that offer you authentic cuisine at your first visit in Italy.

If you cannot go to Italy to taste traditional food, there is another option. For instance, one great place where you can enjoy authentic Italian cuisine is Leonardo Bansko. This restaurant offers its guests an amazing variety of authentic as well as modern Italian and Mediterranean dishes that can satisfy the taste of even the most capricious gastronoms. Besides food, the place offers you a calming and exquisite atmosphere that will add up to your unforgettable experience.

3.The coffee

3 Indisputable Reasons Why You Should Visit Italy

Italians are well known for their passion about coffee. If you are huge coffee maniac, you should not miss to experience a truly Italian coffee. Italians enjoy coffee not only for breakfast but through the entire day. Italy has 20 regions each with its own unique coffee traditions. While black coffee is mostly traditional, there are many kinds of coffee preparation variations. In the case if cappuccino for example, Italians usually avoid drinking it after 11 o’clock as it can be a whole meal itself because it’s usually served with sweets or cookies.