Though it may be hard to imagine, your home, in many ways, can easily be compared to a living, breathing organism that requires regular care in order to perform as it’s designed to. Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to think of your home as a static, unchanging unit that doesn’t need much love or attention. This thought process, however, can end up causing great harm to your home if you ignore various maintenance tasks that are required keep your home in tip-top shape. Here are a few maintenance tasks that you may want to look into having done.

3 Home Maintenance Tasks that May Be Long Overdue

Change Air Filter

Your home breathes, and one of the main ways it does that is through the HVAC system. If you are running your system with a dirty air filter, then, it’s like forcing your home to breathe with clogged nostrils. A dirty air filter causes your entire system to work harder to push air through, meaning it will likely run longer and draw more power than if you used a clean filter. It’s important to check your air filter at least once a month, more often if you have pets or smokers in your home.

Maintain the Roof

Up out of your reach and usually out of your sight, your roof is easy to forget about. In addition, most roofs are built to last for quite a long time, giving the impression that they don’t need much attention in the interim. However, it’s important to have your roof inspected by a company like Drey Roofing on a regular basis, preferably once a year, or anytime you experience a major hail event. Once a year may seem a bit excessive at first glance, until you consider that problems with your roof can cause major damage to your home, meaning it’s important to catch any possible problems before they have a chance to get out of hand.

Clean Dryer Vent

Your dryer serves as that wonderful appliance that prevents you from needing a clothesline and sometimes shrinks clothes. Other than that, you probably don’t give your dryer much thought. It’s important, however, to regularly clean your dryer’s exhaust vent to remove any lint that has accumulated, over time. Neglecting this task causes your dryer to work harder as it’s pushing the exhaust air out, plus it could lead to a fire under the right conditions.

Make a List

With so many easily overlooked maintenance tasks throughout your home, it’s a good idea to make a list or spreadsheet of the different tasks you need to do, along with the best ways you’ve found to do them. Include good brands of materials used, good contractors you’ve found to assist you, and anything else that will help you keep your home operating at its peak efficiency.