The field of storage offers a lot of differentiation in jobs and career pathways. Individuals who enter this field can take a certain track that will lead to a specific IT career, with the ability to concentrate in specific technologies, platforms, and areas of expertise. It is also possible, however, to stay general and stick to tracks that are constantly hiring professionals for designated roles. EMC offers certifications for three such tracks, ones that are among the most popular in IT and that offer jobs that anyone with a professional IT background can obtain.

3 EMC Certification Tracks Available To All Interested Participants

These tracks are part of EMC’s open certification series in their Proven Professional Program. Because these certifications are common, popular, and generalized for work in any major IT company, any interested individual can earn them, even ones that have never before enlisted in an EMC program, class, or certification exam. Although other certifications do required candidates to be either a customer or partner to EMC, the Data Scientist, Data Center Architect, and Cloud Architect tracks require no such thing.

The Data Scientist track only has one certification available – Data Science Associate, which will validate your knowledge of data analytic techniques and tools. It prepares workers for a job in Data Science and Big Data Analytics. The Data Center Architect track, upon earning the EMCISA certification, has four specialty certifications available: storage networking, information availability, storage security, and storage service management. All four offer common job roles that implement general IT knowledge in a specialized setting. The Cloud Architect certification track is up-and-coming in the world of IT. As cloud infrastructures become common in companies and organizations, rising through the ranks in this track can lead to a lucrative career. All certifications are accompanied with a training course and other optional supplementary materials.