Your wireless devices are with you at all times; and, in many situations, the apps that you have downloaded on to them, have proven to be life savers.

Whether you are stranded in the middle of nowhere and need to call for help, or if there are other reasons you might need immediate assistance,

many apps out there can help you, if you are in a state of emergency, or need immediate assistance, regardless of where you are.

1. Pocket first aid & cpr

Whether someone is bleeding and bruised, or if you are caught in a situation where someone needs CPR right away,

this app is going to provide tutorials, and step by step directions, on how to do what has to be done, in order to potentially save someone’s life.

Whether you have ever done it before, or it is your first time performing CPR, the guide is going to walk you through the entire process,

and the app will tell you exactly what to do, where hands have to be placed, and so forth, to ensure you do it right.

2. Itriage

If you are in a car, or if you are out somewhere, and need immediate medical attention, this app is going to guide you to the nearest place you can go, whether it is a doctor’s office or emergency room,

so that you can get the immediate treatment you need. The app stores health records, so if you go to a new doctor,

when it is an emergency, they can easily see your allergies, or other procedures you have had done in the past.

If it is a dire situation, that can’t wait, no matter where you are, the app will lead you to immediate help, and will allow you to get the medical attention you require, whatever it may be, immediately.

3. Plerts

If you are caught in extreme weather situations, and do not know where to go for safety, this app will immediately load GPS , audio, and video coordinates of your location,

and will help you find secure service aid facilities if you need assistance.

The app can also send out auto SOS signals, if you are stranded somewhere; and, with the GPS coordinates on your phone, the emergency rescue or other teams can immediately find you, and get you the assistance that you need, when you need it.

The app can even detect a fall, or other emergency situations, and will call out for emergency help right away, unless you tell the app not to do so within 5 seconds of the alert going out.

Regardless of where you are, what emergency you are in, or what situation you are in, if you have your phone,

or other wireless device, these simple apps can prove to be a life saver when you need immediate help.

If you have an iphone, you can download all these apps in a few minutes. Do it right now and you will be prepared to any situation!

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