Here are 25 interview tips for fresher, many learned from doing things the wrong way. Doing things wrong like missing the earlier bus, not missing the great big pile of dog muck whilst running for the next bus, and that bus breaking down, which would not have been so bad if the cell phone had been in the brief case and not still been on the kitchen table! Well, at least the heavy rain meant the shoes were completely clean, but did not match the water logged suit. Guess that job was not meant to be.

Then there was turning up at the right location and the right time of day, just 24 hours earlier (still better than being a day late). Or getting off one bus stop too soon and then slipping over a $10 note, well at least that paid for a coffee and large bun on the way home for not getting the job.

25 Interview Tips: The Ultimate List For Fresher

1. Always double check the time, date, and location of the interview, being late nearly always mean that somebody other than you will get the job.

2. If you are not sure where the interview location is, just look it up, and print out directions, or find a map.

3. If you have a few days before the interview, then make a trial journey to where the interview will be held. This can demonstrate how long it will take to get there, and you can find out if the directions and maps you have to find the way are accurate.

4. After doing a trial run to the interview location, adjust your travel plans if you have to do so. If you are driving set off earlier, if caught a bus, or a train catch an earlier one just in case there are unexpected delays. A flat tire, or a broken down bus could mean you are late.

5. It is better to be earlier than it is to be late. Arriving early shows the interviewers you are enthusiastic about working for them.

6. Always research the company that you are hoping to work for, then you will have a good idea of what they do. Interviewers will soon notice if you know nothing about their company.

7. Make notes about the company and read them through a few times, take them with you to the interview.

8. Make sure you are clean and tidy, interviewers do not tend to offer jobs if you are scruffy, even if it is a manual job that involves working in dirt or dust you still need to be presentable.

9. Do not forget to put on your deodorant, and take it with you so you can put more on. It may be needed as most people are nervous before interviews, the more nervous people are the more they perspire.

10. If possible, wear a shirt, or top that will not show sweat patches under your armpits, it is potentially embarrassing, and interviewers have a knack of spotting everything that you do not want them to see.

11. Dress according to the interview type you are going to have. The more formal the interview will be the smarter the clothes you will have to wear. Whether dressing smart, or casual make sure your clothes are tidy. Turning up in old clothes, or ripped jeans etc are never a good idea, it gives the recruiter the impression that you do not respect them, or the company they represent.

12. Avoid wearing baseball caps, basketball vests, or football shirts. Again, it can create a bad impression, and if you are unlucky the interviewers could like different teams, and take a dislike to you, meaning that they could ignore your merits for the job.

13. Polish your shoes, especially if you are going to a formal interview.

14. Wipe your feet, you do not walk anything into the interview room (it is amazing how people walk in dog muck, or a muddy puddle on the way to an interview).

15. Find out what kind of questions they are likely to ask you, and prepare notes on how you answer them.

16. Read out your answers aloud, if they cannot convince you, they will not convince an interviewer either.

17. If possible have a mock interview beforehand with somebody who can give you feedback.

18. If given feedback change your answers for the interview if needs be.

19. Always carry a bit more cash with you in case you have to catch a taxi, use a phone box etc.

20. Try to relax the night before the interview so you can sleep better.

21. Do not drink too much before the interview, you do not want to have to go to the toilet during the interview.

22. Make sure you do not spill anything on your interview clothes.

23. Do not let your nerves stop you from talking (or resist talking too much).

24. Always listen very clearly to the interview questions, you do not want to answer with the wrong reply.

25. Take your cell phone and the number of the interviewers to let them know if anything goes wrong on the way in, they may let you rearrange it.

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