They say youth does not last forever and true to that old age slowly creeps in. most of us know we are ageing when our skin, especially on the face, the hands and the feet, start wrinkling. It is traumatizing to watch your glowing youthful skin turn into layers of ugly looking wrinkles. Research has found some natural and less costly ways of preventing these wrinkles and skin problems that come with old age. Check out these 15 natural and easy anti-ageing tricks that will keep your skin glowing and maintain your youthful look.

1. Include Avocado in your Diet

· Avocado is rich in vitamins which keep your skin supple. It is packed with vitamins A, B, D and E.

· The potassium and healthy fats contained in avocado makes it an ideal moisturizer.

· A good treatment for skin conditions like eczema and red spots.

2. Drink Plenty of Organic Juice

· Blend spinach, celery, parsley, lemon, pears and cucumber for an enriching organic juice. Contains vitamins A and C.

· Drink a glass of this green juice every other day and observe the magic.

3. Avoid Stress

· Frowning and sneering a lot results into wrinkles.

· Loosen up a little, smile and avoid wearing a long face all the time.

15 Natural Anti- Aging Tricks For Skin Health

4. Body Massage

· Massages are a great way to keep your skin healthier.

· The oils used during massages are enriching to the skin once absorbed.

· The tender stretching of skin during massage also removes dead skin which piles up and appears flaky making you seem older.

5. Wash your Face with Honey

· Add a little warm water to natural honey, apply onto your face and rinse off gently.

· It contains antioxidants which exfoliates your skin.

6. Drink Plenty of Water

· Drinking 8 glasses of water keeps you skin moisturized and glowing.

· You do not have to be thirsty to drink water.

7. Cleanse with White Sugar

· Minimize white sugar in your diet but use it as a cleanser.

· Leaves your skin feeling smooth.

8. Keep of the Sun

· The sun dries up your skin making it appear flaky and dehydrates your body.

· Do not stay in the sun for long and always wear protective attire like hats while in the sun.

9. Papaya

· Loaded with vitamin C, Papaya is an ideal exfoliator and moisturizer.

· Regular use leaves your skin soft with a healthy glow

10. Use Sesame Seed

· Massaging sesame seeds on your skin every morning keeps it hydrated and gives it a natural glow

11. Get Enough Sleep

· The benefits of a good night sleep cannot be overemphasized.

· An average of 8hrs sleep a night is recommended.

· Your skin rejuvenates when you sleep hence you wake up with a glowing skin.

12. Reduce the Caffeine

· Much as we all long for a good cup of coffee or tea, it can be a real mess when it comes to skin health.

· The caffeine may be the reason your skin does not look that great. Reduce the intake and if possible, quit it all together.

13. Fish Oil

· Omega 3 nutrients found in fish oil are anti-inflammations thus skin friendly.

· Take omega-3 capsules to improve your skin looks

14. Dark Chocolate

· The darker the chocolate, the better it is for your skin. It has antioxidants.

15. Eat Healthy

· Swap your processed foods and snacks with natural ones.

A healthy skin covers your health needs like your eu health card covers your health needs.