You’re expecting? Congratulations! It must be wonderful and scary at the same time, being aware that you will have a baby soon. Your head must be spinning from all the advice your friends and family are pouring all over you, and you must be a bit confused with all the fuss, tips and bans you are encountering every day. Take a deep breath and calm down, we are not here to teach you anything complicated or difficult.

We are here to give you a couple of tips which will help you keep your and your baby’s health during the following few months.

Pregnant and Healthy – Tips For New Moms

What is going to Change now that I’m Pregnant?

First of all, you need to let go of all those bad habits you might have now. There is no ‘safe’ amount of alcohol or ‘safe’ number of cigarettes while you are pregnant. Check in with your doctor regularly and tell them about your lifestyle: what you like to do, eat and drink, what kind of medications you are using, etc. Your doctor will tell you if you need to change anything in your diet or perhaps stop using some medications because they might not be good for the baby.

Pregnancy vitamin supplements can help if you’re feeling too sick to eat proper meals, but they are not substitute for real, balanced meals tough. Vitamin D and folic acid are important for your baby’s health, so make sure your supplements contain these. While your diet can change, you can keep working while pregnant if your doctor says it’s safe.

Is it Safe for Me to Exercise while I’m Pregnant?

Moderate exercise is safe and recommendable during pregnancy. Talk to your doctor first and do not over-do it, but walking a lot and some moderate exercises to help you stay flexible will also help you when times for delivery comes. Make sure you drink a lot of water and try not to exhaust yourself, everything else is fine.

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Is it OK to have Sex During Pregnancy?

Unless your doctor says otherwise, there is no reason to avoid sex during pregnancy. However, you should be aware of the fact that your sex life will change as the pregnancy advances. You may feel greater desire for sex, or you will want to avoid it. Listen to your body and do whatever you want, but make sure that you are safe and comfortable. You should use condoms at all costs because sexually transmitted diseases are likely to complicate your pregnancy.

Should I Change My Diet?

There is no particular reason for you to avoid caffeine if you are pregnant, but try not to drink more than two cups of caffeine drinks per day. When it comes to diet, do whatever you can to keep it balanced and healthy. Ginger can help you if you feel sick and nauseous, and also eating less sweets. Do wash well all fruit and vegetables, and avoid soft cheeses because they may have bacteria which can cause infections. However, make sure you eat enough dairy foods because your baby and you need more calcium during these months.