Why suddenly came the idea to use activated charcoal tablets in cosmetic face masks? Despite the procedures that he has to go through in production, he still retains the most useful properties of natural wood. They tell them the masks, which are included. Its chemical composition is extremely simple: hydro charcoal (C), oxygen (O) and hydrogen (H).

Together these chemicals, familiar to everyone, are capable of producing a small revolution at the cellular level, bringing order to many metabolic processes and freeing the skin from various contaminants. A home face mask with activated charcoal for a face with the regular application is capable of …

  • Affect the work of glands, reducing the production of subcutaneous fat, resulting in not forming sebaceous plugs, which are the main cause of acne, blackheads, and acne, and also improves the condition of the oily skin, which is deprived of a greasy unpleasant shine;
  • Eliminate black dots and prevent their further education;
  • Block the foci of inflammation on the face in the form of acne and acne, even in adolescents, heal them, reduce the distribution area and become that preventive tool that can prevent their further appearance;
  • Smoothen the skin relief, remove small wrinkles;
  • Give your skin a beautiful, smooth, healthy color, rid of yellow and pale, if they are not caused by serious internal diseases;
  • Clear the pores of all kinds of contaminants at a sufficient depth. Keep reading http://www.phytocskincare.com/benefits-clay-masks-acne/

Home cleaning face activated charcoal is highly effective and reliable results that will not disappear after a couple of hours after using this mask, as is often the case. You should check the reviews of home cleaning face mask here http://phytocskincare.com

This drug acts reliably and for a long time. If you perform this procedure regularly (once every 1-2 weeks), the skin’s condition improves considerably: it not only cleanses but also gets rid of various new lesions on the face, which so spoil its appearance (eels, black spots, pimples and t etc.). Relieve skin cells from breathing: clean cleaning in the pores – and a radiant look of the skin is provided. Much depends on how correctly the activated charcoal is used in masks when cleaning the face.

Keep in mind that the external application of this medication is not the only way to achieve purification of the pores. If within two weeks to take 8-10 tablets per day (4-5 times a day after eating 2 tablets), the skin will improve significantly. It is always recommended to mix the tablets with other ingredients in the mask so that they somehow make up for the cells in those cells that take the coal with them. There are many recipes for masks: try and enjoy the result.