There are times when you feel like you have been wronged by the hospital. You feel like there is something they could have done but they did not because of negligence. It such a case, it is lawful to report the hospital or the doctor in question not just to satisfy your desire for justice, but to save someone else from going through the same. However, knowing whether you have a medical negligence case is a little bit tricky. This is because, most people go to hospitals rarely and the doctors are also careful not to slip up.

Here is how you know you have a medical negligence case:

When the doctor failed to warn you of known risks

For every procedure the doctor does on you, he or she know the possible risks. Is s/he fails to inform you of the risks, you have a right to sue the hospital. A good example is when a doctor gives you medicine that will help cure your disease but has a side effect of hallucinations. If the doctor does not inform you of these side effects and you hurt yourself because of it, you have the right to take him and the hospital to court. The reason behind this is simple; doctors protect lives, not the other way around.

When the doctor misdiagnoses you

In some cases, a doctor can misdiagnose you. This is usually a gray area. This is because; there are diseases that have symptoms that are similar with very little distinctions. This may be pardoned by the court as a genuine mistake. However, there are cases that even the court cannot pardon; when the misdiagnosis is so obvious. If a patient is misdiagnosed, s/he may have a case. The only way to know for sure is to seek the help of a lawyer who handle medical negligence cases. The lawyer will help determine whether the case will hold in court or not.

When the doctor gives you the wrong prescription

There are situations when the doctor does the correct diagnosis but for some reason gives the patient a wrong prescription. This can lead to many bad scenarios. The most common one will be that the patient’s condition will worsen since whatever s/he is being treated for is not what ails him/her. This can be categorized as the doctor’s negligence since he or she knew exactly what was wrong with you yet did not do the right thing. In such a case, the patient has the right to sue the hospital.

When the doctor or the nurse fails to do their job

There are situations when a patient gets worse or dies just because the doctor or the nurse failed to do their job. Considering the fact that they are supposed to take care of the patients and administer medications to them, if a patient’s condition worsens simply because the nurse, for whatever reason did not give the patient his/her medication, then the patient has a medical negligence case. She/he can sue the hospital for negligence.