Renting a car can be a good option in order to ensure that your entire trip is stress free and luxurious. The entire process of renting a car can be confusing if a person does not understand it well. Knowing what should be avoided during the period of renting a car can be a good way of dealing with the problem.

  1. Paying For Unnecessary Insurance

Many car rental companies offer insurance at inflated prices. If a person has insurance on his or her personal car, the same insurance may cover the rental car. Many of the major credit cards also provide secondary collision coverage when renting a car.

  1. Paying Extra Fees

Extra Fees for rental cars can be hidden in the paperwork. It is wise to ask about any additional charges on the bill. A person should also shop around if the fees are too high.

  1. Prepaying Fuel Charges

Many rental car companies have a ”get it full, return it full” gas policy. The company charges double the amount if the tank is not full to fill it. Make sure to top it off right before drop off time.

  1. Paying for GPS or Car Seat

Rental car companies offer GPS services or car seats for an extra fee. These fees can be high, and they are unnecessary. Many airlines will allow a free car seat to be checked-in and most cell phones have an app for GPS.

  1. Returning the Car Late

Returning a rental car late could cost an individual a full extra day even if it is just a few minutes. Some companies offer a grace period, but it would better to plan to drop the car off at least 30 to 60 minutes before the required time.

  1. Doing a Quick Inspection

When renting a car from a rental company, a representative of the company will inspect the car for damage before releasing the car to a customer. The client should also do a thorough inspection at the same time and point out any issues to the representative immediately.

  1. Ignoring Upgrade Offers

Some upgrade offers are good deals that can save the customer money when renting a car.

  1. Not Checking for Discounts

Before renting a car, a person should research online to find any discounts. Many memberships offer rental car discounts. For example, AAA and AARP offer rental car discounts to their members.

  1. Not Asking for Final Paper Work

The final paper is evidence of what happened with the rental car process. It can protect the customer and the company and should be kept for at least six months after the completion of the rental agreement.

  1. Leaving the Car Without a Final Inspection

Some companies offer a night drop off service. Never drop a car off at a company without having the representative inspect the car for any damages. A person should also make sure to get paperwork that says the vehicle was returned without damages.