College is a tough place when it comes to studies. Where there are a lot of things to put your focus on, you also need to pay extra attention to your assignments or papers. Students try to find hacks and shortcuts when it comes to writing complex college assignments. Heck, they even go online and ask people “Is there any way someone can write my assignment?

To save you from the trouble of asking others for help, here are ten apps that cannot only be used for writing your college papers but also help you improve your assignment writing skills:

1. Use your Auditory Skills with SoundNote

SoundNote is a multitasking app for iPads that allows you to record your voice notes, type as well as draw all at the same time. The greater part is that the audio and text becomes synchronized so that it feels like the text is being narrated while you read the text. You can also skip to the part you want to hear by touching the text, and it will take you there within a jiffy.

2. Drop Everything you need in the Drop Box

The DropBox is one of the most famous apps. It allows you to collect anything and everything off the web and save it for later usage. You can write better assignments with the help of Drop Box, as you will have the access to the right materials at a right time.

3. Stay Ever Ready for Assignments with Evernote

There are very few people nowadays who have no idea what an Evernote is. If you are searching for a hub of educational resources to help you create the best assignment, essay or paper possible, you will need this nifty app to help you achieve your task.

4. Let Google do All the Paperwork for you

If you are an android user, you must be thanking Google for all the resources it is providing you with. You can use Google Docs if you want help with the documents. Similarly, you can use Google Translateif you need help with translations. In short, you can find help about anything academic when you look up to Google.

5. Nebulous Notes for the Creative Paper Writers

Some of us, students, cannot survive without a little personalization or customization to our assignments. There will always be one student who would use a quirky font to make sure his assignment stood out from the rest. If you are one of them, then Nebulous Notes are best for you.

6. Remind yourself of the Tasks with myHomework

Finishing the assignment on time is as much important as writing it down with all the deadlines given by teachers. With the help of myHomework app, you can ensure you accomplish your task on time by designing a mini agenda for yourself that you need to stick to.

7. Keep Track of Multiple Assignments with iStudiez

Students in higher academic grades often have to undergo multiple assignments writing at a time due to the workload that is put on their heads.You can organize different assignments as well as keep record of your previous ones and their gradeswith the help of iStudiez.

8. Never Miss what your Teacher says within Class

When you sit down to write your assignment, the greatest regret you can undergo is the lecture and pointer that you miss out on during the class. With the help of inClass app, you can take pictures, record audio and take notes so that you always have the material ready at hands when you sit down for working on your assignment.

9. No need to Buy eBooks when you have Kno

Kno is one of the best apps for students, as its manufacturers work with many universities to help provide their students with most of the textbooks in a PDF version. With the help of Kno, you can avail the textbooks that you need within the palm of your hand at a fraction of the cost. Doing assignments or writing papers cannot get any easier than this now.

10.   Give yourself some SelfControl

Distraction can be one of the riskiest culprits when it comes to writing an important assignment. SelfControl is an app that blocks off access to the stuff that you get distracted by so that you can finish your assignment and submit it on time.