It is very easy for us to create certain looks within our homes, on us, style our environments in just the way we want. Create a feeling and a look that is easily identified by other people and so often we rely on other peoples designs and creations to change the way we look or the look of the home, but often they do not lend themselves well enough to the style that is trying to be created and although we may have specific ideas in mind, we often do not consider creating our own items that will allow the creative side of us to be released and will perfectly fit with the style that is most desired. The design of existing products can be the starting points for our own pieces, inspiration will help to perfectly transform the look of a household item or a piece of clothing.

jute bag

One of the simplest ways to showcase your individuality is too take an ordinary item, plain in its design and put your own stamp on it, whether it is through the addition of fabrics, colours or even stickers, especially the ones available from crafty computer paper. There is no restriction on the items you can create, the designs that you implement and the pieces you use whether it is home based or personal appearance. Make your designs a representation of you, your self-expression and showcase your unique personality.

The Ways to be Self Expressive

  • Assess the items that you already own that can easily lend themselves to being personalised and that can take any design, print and material used to showcase your self-expression.
  • Decide on the materials that you want to use that are not only the most effective in creating the best possible look but that are simple and easy to use for someone that may not have done this before or feels restricted in their design ability
  • Choose the perfect method, decoupage is the ideal way to create items and designs that do not give the impression of being homemade and create a feeling of elegance and luxury that is ideal for your home and in keeping with your design ideals.
  • Pick the themes which appeal to you the most both within the home or on clothes and accessories, they need to be easily incorporated with existing style, designs, patterns and colours
  • Highlight the areas which you feel you could replicate easily and take to a new level that will combine a beautiful design with a personal take
  • Make sure the elements that you add to your wardrobe, home, etc. are practical, and in keeping with the overall purpose of the item or the area
  • Try something new, whether it is a bolder print, a brighter colour or something, which is not considered to be your usual style. Be experimental and daring
  • Take your time to decide upon the look it is you want to create. Look at magazines, other home and clothing items and take inspiration from all manner of sources to create your own ideal items and looks

IMG Source: CraftsVilla