It is quite difficult to know how long an Actos compensation claim will take. It can depend on how complicated the case is, how fast the lawyer is and whether it has to go to court.

Your Speed

You will have to make a start by choosing a lawyer and this could take some time. You will have to decide on who you think will be the best person to represent you. You will want someone who is experienced and that you can trust. It is best to find a lawyer who has dealt with cases similar to yours before and who has had success in winning cases. It is worth spending some time doing this. It may delay you getting the compensation, but if you do not pick someone suitable, then you may not get any compensation at all. Just make sure that you do not leave it too long asyou only get a limited time to make your claim.


How complex the case is, will determine how long it will take the lawyer to put the case together. It may be that there is lots of obvious evidence that the Actos has caused a bad health condition. However, if there are other potential causes then it could be more difficult to ascertain what the cause was. It may depend on doing medical tests or getting the right medical evidence from the doctor or hospital. It may take a while to get this information together. The lawyer will also need to put the evidence together in the right way to present to the judge so that it illustrates that the drug caused the medical condition. This may be more difficult in some cases than others.

Lawyer Speed

Different lawyers will take different amounts of time, depending on what other work they have to do. Lawyers are not known for their speed, but they will be aware that you only have a limited time to make a claim. They will make sure that the case is put together in time to reach that deadline, but they may have other cases to work on as well, which they took on before yours. They therefore may deal with those first. You may want to try to hurry them up if you need the money quickly. However, there will be limits on how fast they can go as they will need time to get the documentation together.

Court Settlements

Many cases like this are settled out of court. This means that they can be settled a lot quicker. If you have a clear cut case, where it is obvious that you were wronged and deserve compensation then an out of court settlement is likely. However, if you decide to reject an out of court settlement and wait for a judges decision or if the other party decide they want to go to court, then you will have to wait for longer. It will take time before a court date comes along, it could be six months to a year before the case is able to be heard.

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