Seeking quality higher education has become a necessity for the Indian youth to increase employability and race ahead in their careers. Indian students have two options when it comes to seeking higher education; they can either seek admission in Indian universities or take a decision to study abroad.In both cases, taking an education loan is most often necessary to finance higher studies.You can either approach government banks for an education loan where the process is tedious or approach private lenders who have a hassle-free process and are prompt.You have one more option– the Start with Smart Study loan from Avanse, to make your dreams come true.

At Avanse, you get the best of both worlds- hassle free and transparent loan process and a fair interest rate. Start with Smart Study loan was introduced with an aim to enable students to get higher quality education with a host of benefits that are Pro-Student and Pro-Future. Here are few reasons that make the Start with Smart Study loan the smart choice of Education loan.

100% Finance with No Margin Money Requirement

At Avanse, you get 100% finance for your higher education in an Indian or foreign university. The education loan amount covers the complete tuition fees for the course, living expenses, costs related to books, computer, traveling costs and other miscellaneous costs related to the study.There is no limit on the maximum loan amount and there is no margin money requirement to get the loan sanctioned.

Hassle-free and Transparent Process

When you apply for Start with Smart Study loan from Avanse, you can rest assured and focus on your education goals. Avanse has made the educational loan process hassle-free and transparent. The loan sanction process is quick and a doorstep service is provided in which a relationship manager visits your home or office and works with you to complete the loan documentation requirements.Once the education loan amount is disbursed, the education loan account is moved online allowing the applicant to manage the loan account seamlessly.

Customized Loan Solutions

At Avanse, every education loan is customized as per university and student requirements. Avanse Education loans are customized as per country, university and the course the student is applying for. In every scenario, Avanse ensures the applicant gets 100% finance and the student does not carry the burden of arranging for finances for other study related expenses. Avanse Education loan covers it all.

 Education Loans based on Admission Status

Avanse offers several education loan products based on the admission status. Some of these loans are:

Pre-Admission loan– this loan enables the student to confirm their admission abroad by showing proof of funds.

Bridge loan– the loan covers pre-admission as well as all post-admission expenses. The expenses covered by the Bridge loan includesTest prep fees, consultant charges, admission applications, 100% course fees and living expenses, etc

Pre-Visa Disbursement loan- this type of loan helps student secure their I-20(USA)/Visa and also proves useful to confirm admission in an institute or University abroad.

Certificate of Availability of Funds- the Certificate of Availability of Funds is required by the student to show the US University/ institute that the applicant has adequate funds available for tuition fee and stay in the USA.