It looks like that people in this heavily digitalized era carry their lives on theirs smart phones and tablets wherever they go. They take countless photos, send tons of voice messages via social media apps, write memos, mark important things on calendar and make phone calls whenever necessary. Most of us don’t realize that sometimes, of all a sudden, we could lose any of such information from our iPhones, iPads, or iPod touches. That said, such kind of incident does happen every once for a while, because all the electronic devices have the potential to fail, proving that life is so unpredictable.

It might be a failed iOS upgrade, a forgotten passcode, or even more catastrophic situation like water damage or being stolen, when any of these happens, the tons of data we have on that iPhone or iPad is gone in such a short notice. And it is until this moment, do we learn the lesson that we should have had our iPhones or iPad data backed up earlier. Fortunately and luckily enough, we now have iOS data recovery apps that can take care of the problems we are facing. If you used to come across the data missing problem with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, it’s still not too late to get such a piece of software, the one I would like to recommend is DVDFab iFoneRestore. And the reasons why it earns my recommendation are well explained below.

Its Compatibility with All the OS X and iOS Versions

It’s hard to argue that the No. 1 element you need to worry about is the compatibility issue when you are looking for such a kind of software. You need to make sure it supports your iDevice, be it an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch of any generation. And meantime, you will have to think about the OS X platform, because the possible candidate will be installed on your Mac computer, not your iDevice. However, not all the apps are meant to be run on all the OS X versions, especially the very old generation of 10.6 for example. To ease your concern, DVDFab iFoneRestore supports to run on the OS X builds starting from 10.6 Snow Leopard, and iOS builds starting from version 5. Besides, as the new iPhones, iPads and iPod touches continuously come out, together with the new releases of iOS and OS X updates, this iOS data recovery software will also be constantly updated just to stay tuned.

Its Multiple Ways Regarding the Recovery Methods

Most of the iOS data recovery apps deal with the data missing problems in similar ways, DVDFab iFoneRestore is no exception. Depending on the different situations, you can choose three different recovery methods to get your lost data back. The most straightforward way is to scan your iPhone, iPad of iPod touch directly, by doing which, you will have to connect your iDevice with your Mac computer in order to let iFoneRestore access and scan it; if you have previously synced your iDevice with your iTunes or to your iCloud account, then getting back your lost data could be easier, you can just use the iFoneRestore to retrieve the missing data from an iTunes or iCloud backup file. There is one point you have to confirm before using any of the latter two methods, which is to make sure that the iTunes or iCloud backup file is made before your data gets lost, otherwise, it is not practical to get it back.

Its Not So Scary but Affordable Price Tag

When the compatibility issue and recovery methods are not standing in your way, then the only thing left might be the price. According to my online research, prices of the iOS data recovery apps vary from one to another, but not in a drastic way you may have imagined. DVDFab iFoneRestore has a very friendly price tag, which sells only $50 for a lifetime license that guarantees all the future updates and technical assistance.