Over the years, extensive study of the immigration graphs has shown a rapid growth in the number of people migrating to Canada. But why is it so that such a major chunk of the population regards Canada as an ideal place for living in. The answer probably lies in the way in which the country is run by its government.

  • Canada is very known for the stress it lays in the education of people. Maximum of the government revenue goes into ensuring qualityeducation for the citizens.
  • Second in the list of priorities is the health of the people. A lot of importance is given to the health sector.
  • The living costs are quite low due to low inflation rates and people don’t have to worry much about rents, bills or other such expenses.
  • The country has a very low crime record  and therefore is safe.
  • The Immigration policies of the government are also lenient and people from all walks of life and social class are equally welcome to join the country’s workforce.

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Why Do So Many People Immigrate To Canada?

What are the requirements for getting pr status in Canada?

To get the permanent resident visa in Canada, a person must fulfill the following requirements:-

  1. Needs to be an authorised citizen of his/her home country.
  2. Needs to have enough money required to apply for the process.
  3. Should not be a Canadian citizen
  4. He/she need to be present in Canada during the pr procedures.
  5. Must have an identity proof.
  6. ECA (Educational Credential Assessment)
  7. Needs to have the following valid documents:


*Character and health clearance certificate

*Work experience documents

  1. Must have a language proficiency certifying abilities in necessary reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills from IELTS.

How to apply for Canada PR?

Inorder to get the Canada PR, one can apply as an

  • EligibleSkilled Worker
  • International Graduate
  • Investor

This can be applied through different programs like Express Email Process, Canadian Provincial Nominee program or get directions sponsorship from relatives or family.

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Why you should hire an immigration consultant?

Hiring an Immigration consultant for your move to Canada can be a very smart choice. Immigration consultants are professionals who deal with all sorts of Immigration businesses of people. They can do all the tedious tasks on your half and also make sure that your Immigration application has higher chances of being accepted. They know all the nicks and nacks of the visa approval system and thus can help you in avoiding any mistakes that you might make in your application. This will prevent you from having to apply again and again after rejection this saving a lot of your time as well as money. This, they help in taking you another step closer to your dream. But do be aware of any frauds or fake consultants and check out the authenticity and experience before signing a contract with any consultancy.