Wholesale Shop, a very novel and innovative concept of online buying and procurement services for small and medium industries has been launched by the AskMe Bazar. This platform is known as the Wholesale Shop. The new amenities of Wholesale shop offers significant and remarkable services starting from searching of suppliers, comparing products, ordering of sample, getting of quote and even collation for the product All detailed work is now possible by just one website or by just one podium. With innovation of this platform, the small as well as the medium scale business units are in position to enjoy the recompenses similar to the large-scale business.

Internet has already made this world a very small place and people are united by computer. The Concept of Wholesale has also made the market of consumable goods come closer, the dealer and the buyer are now able to interact by a medium of a common platform.

Registration Details

The foremost step to use the benefits of the wholesale shop is to get registered. For getting registered you have to pay an amount of Rs.1000 (one Thousand only) as an annual subscription.  On payment of the annual subscription you get listed and accordingly will be allowed to use the services of the website.  Small and local business such as salon, small offices, spa, companies and factories can now search, choose and buy from different suppliers. They even get assistance to compare the price, quality and credibility of the product as well as the supplier.  Wholesale online shopping forum has made the life and work easy for the small scale business enterprises. It is working as a boom for them and is thus a very popular online form now days.

From food and beverages to surgical equipment’s and pharmaceutical products it has given a new dimension to online shopping.

The service offered here is good and the customers can place the offers easily. Easily accessible and what can a buyer ask more.

You get a wide range to choose from, and the buyer can compare products before buying. Spa equipment’s are rare and take a lot of research before buying, but here you can compare the features before placing the order.

Surgical equipment’s have been hard to find and would take a lot of time before. Here you can get the latest available equipment’s at a very reasonable price. It’s easy and it’s less time consuming. You can get the product in very less time. Large number of small and medium scale business units is highly benefited by the online wholesale platform.