As many of us know, water has a great effect on our health and happiness.  Water helps us regulate our internal temperature; it helps us in the needed process of expelling toxins from our body; and it plays an integral part in carrying nutrients to various parts of our body.  And it should go without saying that the quality of water we consume is just as important as the quantity of water we consume.

Now, you may already know this and, indeed, you may have already started taking steps to improving the quality of water you consume.  You may have even done some research and discovered that having a water filter system installed in your home can go a long way to improving the quality of water you consume and, thereby, your health and happiness.  If have done all this, then we at Eagle Water Treatment Systems commend you.  We truly believe that installing a home water filter system is worth the investment.

But, as you continue your research on which type of filter would be well-suited for your home, you may find that things can get a little confusing.  You may begin to run into terms like ‘reverse osmosis’ or ‘regeneration’ or‘sediment and pre-carbon filters’, and a tangle of other technical language.  And all that technical language may leave you frustrated and, in a worst case scenario, you may become so bogged down in trying to understand the language surrounding home water filter systems that you abandon the idea of getting one all together.

Our company, Eagle Water Treatment Systems, designs and installs home water filter systems and we definitely don’t want to see that happen. We’ve been in the business for more than three decades, and we fully understand how significant of an undertaking it is to get a filter system installed in your home.  We also understand how much technical language there is surrounding water filter systems.

Which Type Of Water Filter Should I Get?  Eagle Water Treatment Systems Has An Answer

With these things in mind, we make it our company goal to make your explorationand eventual purchase of a home water filter system as smooth and knowledge-driven as possible.  We take time to explain all the things you need to know about water filters, so that when you do make a final choice on which type of filter to buy, your decision is as informed and confident as possible.

So, with that said, why don’t we give a brief run-down of the basic filters that we offer to our customers, as well as a short explanation of how each one works.

The Eagle Water Reverse Osmosis Filter:

The Eagle Water Reverse Osmosis filter cleans tap water by pressuring it through a special, semi permeable membrane.  Reverse Osmosis is one of the most reliable means of filtering water and indeed this filter may be our most popular product.

In this filter system, once the water is passed through the membrane, it’s lead through five additional filtering stations, thus assuring that the water that is filtered is as clean and contaminant-free as possible.

The Eagle Water Gold Treatment Filter:

The Eagle Water Gold Treatment filter is essentially the gold standard of our filter products.  Its filtering system uses a brine solution to separate water from any contaminants and, conveniently enough, the system has an electronic device that monitors your water usage, which saves on both energy and water consumption.

The Eagle Water Silver Treatment Filter:

Like the Gold Treatment filter, the Eagle Water Silver Treatment Filter also uses a resin bed to clean water of any contaminants.  But, beyond that, the Silver Treatment system requires no electricity to function and carries with it a 10 year lifespan guarantee.

As previously mentioned, buying a new water filter should be an information-driven process.  The more information you know, the happier you’ll end up being with your purchase.  Therefore, feel free to contact Eagle Water Treatment Systems and we’ll be more than happy to recommend a filter that will be the perfect fit for you.