Whenever you need a service to that you think can help you make project management, human asset management, and other operations management easier, you cannot just pay attention to one option. To make the best selection, you need to think beyond just the expert advice. Personal experience of different people with the same software might vary depending on their experience, knowledge of the software and their requirements. That’s why you should compare the option you are considering to invest in and go for the best one.

There is a number of project management software available in the market. Considering and comparing all of them can take a lot of time and energy. To make selection easy and quick, here we will compare two best options: Wooqer and Parsable. The comparison includes complex analysis of software appearance on different browsers and platforms. It gives you a clear view of their functionality, features, price and customer experience.


Wooqer is an advanced retail management systems software provider that was built on the insight that companies need digital support to keep pace with the changing business conditions. Targeting the retail stores, it offers a platform that makes store management, human resource management, operations management and even new retail store opening quick and easy.

Wooqer Pros:

  • Fair Price
  • Advanced and easy to use tools
  • Large community
  • Social connectivity
  • Different options


Parsable is a software development company established with the objective to help the industrial companies get their jobs done right at the right time. Company’s main focus is to encourage the use of the modern platform by replacing paper with advanced software.

Parsable Pros:

  • Simple web interface
  • Easy collection of data including signatures and rich media
  • Easy review of different procedure history for required changes and revision tracking
  • Remote inspections

Let us first have a glance at the major features of Wooqer and Parsable through a simple and easy-to-understand table. kj

Pricing: Wooqer as if now offers a flat rate of $6/user/month while Parsable being an old player in the market offers customized packages. Its prices depend on customers, not on the web.

Training and assessment: Both the brands offer training and assessment to help their customers get maximum benefit from the software.

Social: Here Wooqer gets the upper hand as it offers social connectivity and engagement options for quick support. If you get stuck anywhere, you can visit their social links to get required help.

If you are looking for an affordable and more feature-rich alternative of Parsable, you will definitely like Wooqer. This software undoubtedly has many features making it better than Parsable. For instance, it is united by a single platform that is both modern as well as social.

With all that being said, it will be easier for you to pick the best software for your business. Don’t just look at the price; look at the features and their benefit for the growth of your business. So don’t wait any longer, start a free trial of Wooqer now.