Asbestos can be a hidden danger in one’s home.  It is found in all homes and sometimes not much attention is paid to the danger and health effects that it can cause.  Asbestos is not said to be considered dangerous or harmful when contained in materials.  However, when it is releasing dust or fibres into the air so that they can be inhaled or ingested it is very harmful to one’s health.  The most hazardous form of asbestos is when it is “friable”.  This means that the asbestos is easily crumbled by hand, which makes it easier to be released into the air.  Forms of friable asbestos is sprayedon asbestos, a form of not friable asbestos is asbestos floor tile.  Water damage, continual vibration, aging, and physical impact can break down the markets and make the fiber more likely to release into the air.  At that point you will want to call a Calgary asbestos removal company in order to get ahead of the problems before it becomes harmful to everyone’s health in the house.

When Is Asbestos Dangerous For Health

There are three things that go into determining if you will be likely to develop an asbestos related disease:

1.    Amount of exposure and duration – The longer that you are exposed to asbestos and allow the fibers to enter your body, the more likely you will be to develop asbestos related diseases.  There are no “safe” levels of exposure, but the longer that you are exposed the more at risk you are.

2.    Whether or not you smoke – If you have been exposed to asbestos and smoke you are far more likely to develop lung cancer than those who do not.  If you have been exposed the first thing that you should do is to stop smoking if that is a habit that you have.  This decreases your chance of lung cancer considerably.

3.    Age – Mesothelioma can occur in children of asbestos workers.  Those workers carry the dust and fibers in their clothes which the children then inhale.  The younger you are the more likely you are to develop mesothelioma which is why there are considerable efforts to prevent children’s exposure to asbestos.

When there are asbestos problems in one’s house you are going to want to get ahead of the problem as fast as possible.  This is where Calgary Water & Flood’s asbestos removal, is there to help.  They can get rid of the danger and make your house safe again and back to normalcy.