I wasn’t always a personal trainer that lived a super active lifestyle, just like not all Pastors are created out of spare angel parts! Ha! I stole that quote from MY pastor, who may or may not have “borrowed” it from someone else. Either way, I am humble enough to admit and share with you that even as a personal trainer, I still get cravings for a cigarette from time to time. When I was trying to quit, I tried everything from that pill Chantix, to using gum, but it was too hard keeping the gum lit. Ok, I “borrowed” that line from one of the Blue Collar Comedy guys. Anyways, I tried everything and of course nothing really worked long term……expect one thing…;

How I Quit Smoking A Pack A Day For Over 10 Years


Ok, before you click the back button and think I’m crazy just here me out. Yes, I was a track runner in school, so part of me didn’t hate running but I know not too many smokers actually “enjoy” running, never mind the thought of it! Well, I was determined to quit, so every time I had a craving for a cigarette, I would go for a run. If I was somewhere were I couldn’t run, well I would either try and get my heart rate up, or just suck it up! YES, you will still have to use WILLPOWER, but this method may just work for you!

After I would start running, I could feel a horrible pain in my chest. That feeling alone made me realize what I have been doing to my poor lungs this whole time! They say that if what happens on the inside of our bodies showed on the outside, that NO ONE would smoke. Anyways, it’s easy to pick up another cigarette even if we are trying so hard to quit because the effects and the damages are so subtle, and take so long to show up. It’s like the opposite. Getting in shape and maintaining a workout program is so difficult because it takes a long time to see the results.
If you really want to know how much damage those cigarettes are doing to your body, go for a run! It may only be a few hundred feet at this point, but what’s the alternative? Keep going on telling yourself you’re going to quit, and giving in to every little craving you have? I say suck it up and start showing your body what you have been doing to it all these years! Make your lungs pay for it! Make them feel the damage you have done! Maybe, and just maybe your brain will get the hint, and you’ll decide to put those cancer sticks down for good, I don’t know.
I have created a fun and challenging workout program that will actually help you quit smoking! The concept is simple. Complete a healthy habit or exercise and submit it for points. You will quickly become motivated by wanting to earn more points each day, and then each month. I teach you how to incorporate everything you will need and use it to make this a lifestyle change. Because honestly, if you don’t commit to making this a lifestyle, you will never be successful in the long term. Get a new craving, and decide once and for all that you are not going to be controlled by a cigarette. Visit http://www.joetopiafitness.com and get started on a new life of health and fitness. I will coach and support you every step of the way. Part of being successful is first admitting you need help, and that you are willing to change. God bless.

Joe Gustafson­ Owner of Joetopia! Fitness