There are a few rules for blogging that people tend to forget quite often when they start their blogs. Every new blogger must be aware of what blogging really entails before just jumping into it hook, line and sinker. Blogging for fun is one thing – and these blogs are rarely displayed in the search results when you fire up your search engine. What serious bloggers are looking for is publicizing their blogs enough to make the big buck – or at least that is the goal. But unfortunately enough, few bloggers really get that goal. The main reason for that is the lack of information on the do’s and Don’ts of the blogging world.


Quality Trumps Quantity This Time Around

The first thing to consider is the quality of your blog and their blog posts. Initially, the more you updated the blogs with new posts, the better your chances were that you will appear in the early pages of the search results in an SEO but now it is not the case. Search engines like Google have been forced by the increased number of online matter to filter their results so that the totally useless stuff does not even get displayed by the engine. So, new and old bloggers alike, all need to modify their blogs accordingly and make the best of what they have by giving it quality. Sure, quantity is important enough with the fact that you need to keep the blog alive and not ignore it because then the audience will ignore it too, and you don’t want that.

The Key to Success – Keywords

Whenever discussing a topic, you might want to add keywords. There is a great chance of hogging the search engines to your best if you have the correct tags/keywords in your post titles. This way whenever someone is searching for that topic on a search engine, they are likely to come across your post and have a look at your blog. There is a good chance that if it is well kept, they might just like it enough to become a regular follower of your blog and there’s victory in that.

Talk to the Blog!

Letting people hold conversations where they discuss the post has always been a great asset to blog posts. If you are doing it you should not stop and if you aren’t doing then you are on the definite wrong track and will want to make it right by allowing your audience to interact with each other as well as the bloggers to get going on similar interests because that is how information travels. This gives an open platform for opinions to be formed and decisions to be made.

Never Dump your Blogging Place

Once hatched on the search engine make your blog so good that the search engine never filters you out will the waste because one wrong move – or one wrong post for another way of saying it – and you might just be thrown out of the proverbial window that is the engine’s results. Once you catch the result page, do your mighty best to hang on to it.

The main goal here is to land a slot on the search engine, because that is what blogging in 2013 is all about. There is a lot of matter going about in the cyber world. Make your content stand out by giving it the quality and attention it deserves and then – and only then – does it have a chance to be the best there is.

Author Bio:

Austin Richard is an IT professional from passcertification. He is C_HANATEC_1 qualified and currently preparing for 9L0-010. He is a passionate writer and like to write about blogging.