E-juice also better known as e liquid forms a fundamental part of electronic cigarettes. To be precise, E-liquid is the solution used in E-cigs for producing flavor, vapor and throat hit. All types of E-cigs no matter whether they are making use of the fluid tank system or pre-filled cartomizers need e juice to produce inhaled vapor. Instead of burning smoke like tobacco cigarettes, E-cigarettes come equipped with an atomizer which turns e juice into water vapor. This procedure makes E-cigs smokeless, odorless and relatively safe to inhale compared to smoke inhaled by traditional cigarettes.

E-liquid forms very essential component of vaping as it holds nicotine and flavoring. When you opt for high quality liquid, then it provides you with a practical smoking experience, while low priced ones usually leave behind a nasty streak in your mouth. If you smoke e-cigs, then you can consider buying T juice e liquid offered by several online stores.

What Should Be Done When E-Liquid Drips On Your Lips?

The base of e juice is made by making use of a mixture comprising of vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol. For creating variety of flavours in e juice, artificial/natural flavoring ingredients are included in it. Several e juices are mixed with nicotine with the aim to satisfy smoker’s cravings. These liquids are mixed with particular type of additives for imitating the flavour of menthol, tobacco, etc. which in turn helps smokers to make their transition process much easy and hassle-free. Smokers can now choose from different flavours that range from candy, menthol, vanilla to chocolate.

Several people ask one common question “Is it harmful if in case e-liquid accidentally drips on the lips?” The answer to this question is “No”. As long as you don’t swallow the e juice, you are safe. However, it is very important to remember one thing that nicotine is a stimulant which can prove dangerous when taken in large quantities, but E-cigs users will not have to encounter such massive amounts, unless they digest it in large quantities intentionally.

If in case, smokers end up with E-cig juice on his lips, he might experience nasty taste. To tackle this situation, all they need to do is just wipe off the liquid and rinse their mouth with some water and then can continue to enjoy vaping. However, if a smoker ends up ingesting some drops of e juice, then it is advisable to keep away from electronic cigarette for quite some time so that the body can metabolize the excess nicotine.

Thus, it is advisable to smoke E-cigarette in horizontal position to avoid dripping of e juice on your lips.

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